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YouTube apk Download and Install for Streaming HD Videos

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YouTube is the only platform that allows you to stream, broadcast and download videos in all formats. In every Android smartphone and tablet, the app is pre-loaded. By chance, if you see that the app is missing from the device, what will you do then? Well, then the answer is easy. Go for YouTube apk download and then install it. 

Google Play Store has the official YouTube app. You can easily get it. But, you will not get the apk file, as Play Store provides direct installation to your device. There are a few websites from where you will get the apk file. However, to proceed, you need to make certain changes in the setting. Read to know more.

YouTube Specifications

You can stream and upload any videos without spending a single penny. The latest version of the app is 16.37.36. It is compatible with Android 9.0. YouTube is available in German, Russian, English, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, Greek, Polish, Danish and other languages. 

YouTube falls under the category of video creator, editor and developer apps. In the previous month, the estimated YouTube apk download was about 24k. Google now owns YouTube and has become the principal developer and app manager. 

That One Vital Change

You are not going to get the YouTube app directly from the Play Store. That’s a fact. So, what’s the point in activating the “allow to unknown resources” from app settings? It is required when you will download and install the app from a third-party website. The process of activation will never interrupt the app installation. 

YouTube apk Download and Installation Process

You will get the apk file from the websites like Softonic, Uptodown, softscribe, Youtubeappinfo, Techworm and many more. In order to get the genuine apk file, you better select the first 2 or 3 websites. Navigate to one of the websites, select the Android version and download the apk file. 

After that, navigate to your smartphone or tablet’s File Manager app. Select the apk category to find out the setup file. After tapping on it, the installation process will begin. If any other pop-up notification appears requesting you to grant any access, tap on Allow. When the installation is complete, exit the File Manager. You will get the shortcut to the application on the home screen and main menu. 

Installation Done! What now?

Now, you have to log in with a valid Gmail ID. You can stream any video without logging in, but what if you like a video and want to save it! Without logging in, you can’t do that. After logging in, once you press the Like button, the video automatically gets saved into the “liked videos of your profile” section.

Details of YouTube’s Latest App Version 

The latest version of YouTube has in-app purchases. A monthly or yearly subscription will help you watch ad-free videos. In addition to that, access to YouTube Kids is also included. There is one awesome feature that comes with the subscription – the background play. While playing any song on this app, you can turn off the display to save battery, and the song will still continue. 

What about Modded YouTube apk Download?

There are no genuine modded apk files available for YouTube. A few months back, users came across an app named YouTube Vanced. For some time, they have been referring to it as the modded apk. The awesome feature that you have just read about is present on the Vanced. But, now, people who are using YouTube Vanced are facing issues with the app. So, it’s better not to go with those apps that have a chance to harm your OS or device. 

Important Features of YouTube

YouTube, Broadcast yourself. As the name suggests, you can not only watch videos but also upload your own. Your profile will automatically act as a channel. Select your video privacy as public, so that everyone in every part of the world can view, like, share and subscribe. The YouTube Creators Studio will help you in making minor changes to your videos. Moreover, the facility of selecting or uploading a thumbnail is also there.

YPP in Brief

YouTube is not only a video platform but also creates career opportunities for you. The YouTube apk download and installation means that you can watch videos and create your own. YouTube Partners Program (YPP) helps you to upload videos so that the host and the client can earn. The minimum requirement is 1,000 subscribers, 4000 hours watch time of your videos and no Copyright Strike on your videos. Then, you can apply for the YPP. The Google AdSense account will play a major role in arranging and paying the monthly payment.