What can you do with a Rooted Phone

Useful Tips: What can you do with a Rooted Phone?


Rooting is the process of granting users of smartphone and other devices which run on the Android operating system to obtain control (a.k.a root access) on other different Android subsystems.

Root access means giving access to the core part of the Android system. Once you gain root access you are free to do anything you want with the system.

Why should you need to Root your Device?

Rooting helps you gain access to the heart of the Android operating system. You will have the option to delete software or other applications from the system which the manufacturer won’t allow you. But you won’t be able to install anything in the software management system. This will help you to save the memory of your phone.

What can you do with a rooted phone?

Well once you decide to root your phone, you will have the privileges of making any change you want starting from removing bloatware, backing up your phone to install custom ram.

Check out the Benefits of Rooting:

  1. Removal of Bloatware – To get additional RAM and CPU performance you need to uninstall Bloatware. This will help you speed up Android and to reduce unnecessary usage. You would be able to delete any app which you don’t need or don’t use. You can install apps like System App Remover and NoBloat Free for Bloatware Removal.
  2. Backing up your Data – Most of us root our phones to have a complete backup of your data and progress. You can literally backup applications, messages, photos, contact list through SD Card. You can use apps like Titanium, which can fully backup your device even with cache files.
  3. Custom RAM installation – It is one of the most common reasons why people root their phones. Custom Roms is an exceptional way to test the latest android version even if you haven’t got the latest update. All you have to do is download and install Ram control extreme on your device, go to the RAM BOOSTER tab and manually increase the RAM in Task Killer tab.
  4. Run Linux OS in Android – Rooting your phone will give you the advantage to run Linux OS as a Virtual apparatus in Android. You can run Ubuntu Linux which is the best option to go through testing and another purpose and its completely free.
  5. Ads Blocking feature – We all know how annoying Ads can be while browsing or dedicatedly doing something. Rooting also helps in blocking unwanted pop-ups and ads. There are good ad-blockers available in the Android market like AdBlocker or AdFree which comes free. Just install it and enjoy ad-free browsing.
  6. Change your IMEI number – IMEI number is a very important thing as it denotes your phone’s identity and this is set by the manufacturer. You can’t change the IMEI number permanently, but you can change it on your device for a temporary span of time. You can fake your phone’s identity to make it untraceable or you can fix any IMEI related issues like invalid IMEI. You can use the XPOSED installer module to change your IMEI number of your Android.
  7. Privacy Protection – After you have rooted your phone, if you allow unknown programs, your user privacy information would be at high risk. It’s very important for the user to protect their privacy as your phone is full of emails, apps data, contacts, and other important data. One of the best Privacy protection software is PDroid which will help you to use any apps you need without fearing about your privacy.
  8. Block Websites – One of the advantages of rooting is you have the freedom to block any websites you want in your Android phone using the simple tool. There are few websites which really irritated us and in those case, you can use this feature to block Websites according to your convenience. You can block Facebook, Twitter or any other adult websites by the use of  HostsEditor.
  9. Recover deleted files – Using Android have its own advantages and you get a bonus when you root your phone. Well recovering deleted files which is essential for you would satisfy your decision of rooting. If you want to use a simple app for data recovery we would recommend you to use Undeleter Recover Files and Data. This will help you to get back your lost Whatsapp conversation, call logs, pictures, messages and other data.
  10. Bypass App root detection – FRP Bypass APK also known as Factory Reset Protection Bypass tool is used for bypassing Google factory reset protection. It is just a security patch developed by Google for protecting their user’s device if unfortunately, they lose it. It can also be useful if you forget your Google password somehow. This is the magic of rooting your Android Device.

So, this leaves a conclusion that rooting your Android smartphone can be great and beneficial for several uses that stock Operating System cannot provide. You can use these cool hacks to make full use of your Android Device’s potentiality. Explore any option you want based on your convenience and have the chance to show off your device skills.