Universal Androot APK

Universal AndRoot APK – Latest Version for Android


Rooting allows you to gain root access to the Android software. It allows you to modify the Android OS and use the software, which the manufacturer will not allow you to use.

In order to do this, you need application software to root your device. Universal AndRoot apk is the best in the market for this purpose.

But if you have a device running on OS other than Android, it will not work. It is compatible with Android devices only.

Benefits: Rooting your Android Device with Universal AndRoot APK

Listed below are some of the advantages of rooting Android devices with the help of Universal AndRoot APK.

  • If you root your phone, you will be able to install apps which you would not have been able to install earlier. Rooting will also unlock some hidden features of your phone which were inaccessible to you previously. Game hacking software like Xmod Apk will work flawlessly.
  • You will be able to access the apps after rooting, some of them can be used to increase your smartphone’s battery life and performance. 
  • After rooting your smartphone with Universal AndRoot Apk, you will be able to stop the ads that keep popping up on your screen when you are doing some important work. You can now download from the various Adblock Application to block ads. 

Though ads are necessary for surviving in the online market, it is intolerable when they pop up at inappropriate times.

  • Rooting will allow you to backup your phone’s system apps and.data. This will keep your data safe and in time of need, you can access it in a very simple manner.
  • Rooting helps you to experiment with your phone’s features. This will allow you to tweak your phone until it is adjusted to your liking. Universal AndRoot makes the tweaking of your phone easier and offers more tweaking options. However, if you don’t have any knowledge of how to do rooting, you may end up bricking your phone.

Universal AndRoot Apk Installing Instructions

You must have Superuser or SuperSU installed on your Android phone to install and use Universal AndRoot Apk.

  1. You can download the Universal AndRoot Apk from the official website.
  2. Open the downloaded file and click on Install. The installation will take a few seconds.
  3. After the installation, you need to launch the Universal AndRoot app and then click on SuperUser versions.
  4. If you are using the SuperUser, then you have to click on Go Root. Then, you will see a rooting screen, it will take a few seconds to complete.
  5. After this is done, your device will be rooted in no time.

Complete Guide to Use Universal AndRoot Apk

After downloading and installing this tool, you can use it by any of the below-mentioned procedures:

Click root

Using a one-click Android tool like Universal AndRoot Apk allows you to install apps very easily, which then performs its functions. When you are using apps like Universal AndRoot Apk, you just have to click to download the apk. Then you have to just install it and run it.

It does not require the outdated long procedure which took a lot of time to root your device.

Click unroot

There is also an option of unrooting your phone in Universal AndRoot. You might require the service of this app for a short period of time, Universal AndRoot has a one-click option of unrooting your phone.

Unfortunately not all the Android device support Universal AndRoot Apk, but among all the other rooting apps, it covers most of the Android devices.

Here are the Devices that support Universal Androot apk

  1. Google Nexus One
  2. Google G1
  3. HTC Hero
  4. HTC Magic (Do not install Superuser)
  5. myTouch 3G 3.5mm/LE
  6. HTC Tattoo
  7. Dell Streak
  8. Motorola Milestone
  9. Motorola XT701
  10. Motorola XT800
  11. Motorola ME511
  12. Motorola Charm
  13. Motorola Droid
  14. Sony Ericsson X10
  15. Sony Ericsson X10 Mini
  16. Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro
  17. Acer Liquid
  18. Acer beTouch E400
  19. Samsung Galaxy Beam
  20. Samsung Galaxy 5
  21. Vibo A688
  22. Lenovo Lephone
  23. LG Ally
  24. LG GT540
  25. Gigabyte GSmartG1305

Know the Devices that do not Support Universal Androot

  1. Google Nexus One
  2. Samsung i9000/ i6500U/ i7500/ i5700
  3. Motorola ME600/ ME501/ MB300/ CLIQ XT
  4. Motorola 2.2 FRG22D
  5. Archos 5
  6. Huawei U8220
  7. HTC Desire/ Legend/ Wildfire (soft root)
  8. HTC EVO 4G/ Aria
  9. SonyEricsson X10i R2BA020
  10. myTouch Slide

So rooting is an interesting process which gives you access to many features that would not have been available to you without rooting. It unlocks hidden features of your smartphone, boosts your performance, as well as, increases your battery life.

But it is not without its limitations. If the rooting process goes wrong, it may damage your device permanently. If you root your phone, the warranty will be voided.

Universal Androot is undoubtedly the safest option for rooting your phone. Thus, if you have to root your phone, then you should use Universal Androot apk unhesitatingly.