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UC Browser apk Download and Installation Process for Safe Browsing

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Alibaba, one of the well-known Chinese software developing organizations, brought UC browsers into the cyber world. The certain analysis states that the UC browser is one of the most downloaded mobile web browsers on the Google Play Store. For safe and secure browsing, UC browser apk download and installation is necessary. 

You will come to know about the details of the apk download and installation process. Before that, let’s get along with the specifications of the UC browser. The latest version of the app is and the last update was on 25th May 2021. The size of the apk file is not more than 55 MB. The total estimated download is more than 500 million. The user rating of this application is 4.5/5. Lastly, the minimum system requirement is Android 2.3

Getting Along with UC Browser apk Download

There is no need to go through other websites as the UC browser has its official website. Moreover, you can also get it on Google Play Store. The manual or direct download of apk file will only come in handy when you are facing errors while downloading from the Play Store. Navigate to the official website of the UC browser and select your smartphone or tablet’s OS. After that, the apk download process follows. The download file will be available in the smartphone or tablet’s internal storage. 

Is Download Possible for PC?

Yes, the UC browser has its PC version. So, you don’t have to download the apk file and run it in the emulator. On the other hand, if the UC browser apk download fails while processing on the smartphone and tablet, then you can get the apk file via PC. After that, transfer it to your smartphone or tablet with the help of USB or Bluetooth. 

The Installation Process after UC Browser apk Download

Navigate to the file manager app of your smartphone or tablet. Select the apk section, and you will easily find the setup file. Minimise the File Manager app. Navigate to the app settings and grant access to unknown resource access and installation. Without this step, not only the UC browser but also you will not be able to install any third-party applications. Close the app settings and tap on the apk file to initiate the installation process. You might have to spare a few seconds for the installation to complete.

Find the Shortcut of UC Browser 

After you have successfully completed the installation, the shortcut is available on the home screen. So, you have to navigate to the home screen, tap on the UC browser shortcut and run the browser. You can also navigate to the main menu of the smartphone and tablet, press and hold the app shortcut and drag it down to the wallpaper window. 

How does the UI Look?

The correct UC browser apk download and installation will provide you with a stable execution of the UC browser. The UI is simple enough; pre-loaded websites like Facebook, Gmail, MSN, and others are available. At the top, there is a blank area where you can place any website. The facility for saving bookmarks is also there. The download section is present at the bottom.

Types of UC Browser

UC browser has two types — Normal and Mini. Have you heard of Facebook and Facebook Lite applications? Yes, the same concept applies to both UC browsers. The size of the UC browser Normal is more than the UC Browser Mini. But, the built-in features of both applications are similar. 

The Features of UC Browser

With the facility of automatic blazing-fast download speed, you can trigger the download speed manually. Managing files that you have downloaded is quite easy on your smartphone and tablet. The UC browser has its built-in add-ons for added convenience. 

In any case, if network congestion takes place, the websites that you have opened with the UC browser will never freeze. If you access the internet via cellular data, then there are facilities for data saving. In addition to that, the suggested video platforms provide a variety of videos for your entertainment. 

As you already know that the UC browser Mini is the Lite version, it is also Chromium-based. The transfer of browsing data is quite easy from UC Browser Mini to other browsers and vice-versa. Built-in ad blockers are also available in the Lite version. You can manually customise the light browser with on-screen activities, hot-keys, background wallpaper and many more. 

The Pros and Cons

The pros of UC browser apk download are — the support of multiple downloads, compatibility in low-end Android phones and tablets, easy to download and access. Regarding the cons, the browsers lack security features. So, it is better not to perform any monetary transactions on this browser.