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Reboot your Android Phone – TowelRoot APK


TowelRoot APK is an incredible app by which you could reboot your Android phone with ease. It is a small tool that you can use to root your Android phone in a very limited time and also with less complication.

This app was developed by George Hotz also known by the name of Geohot, who is an American hacker and Creative consumer. He is known for his technical achievements and reverse engineering. He was the first person to carrier-unlock an iPhone and showed how vulnerable Apple is.

TowelRoot APK has its supremacy when it comes to rebooting part. It doesn’t need a desktop to root your Android device. It’s a self-contained system which doesn’t need the help of any other hardware or software to reboot your Android device.

It involves a very simple process. You can do it by installing TowelRoot APK on your device, which just needs a simple press on ‘Click to Reboot’ bar. It can be downloaded for Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat and even Oreo.

TowelRoot APK 3.0 is the best version till date supporting a broad range of Android devices, so any device you have can undoubtedly be rooted by this amazing tool.

It was initially launched in July 2014 and Apk V3 was released on 16 December 2016.

How to Download Towelroot APK V3?

Step 1. First download free version of Towelroot APK v3 in your Android device.

Step 2. Make sure you elect for the unknown source or third-party source to install the application or it won’t work out.

Step 3. Go to the download link and click on it. After doing that, you will get a popup window which will ask you gently whether to run the application or not.

Step 4. The terms & conditions page will show up. As soon as this happens, what you have to do is accept all the terms and conditions after going through it if you want to run the APK.

Step 5. The next step is to click on Next and finish your installation procedure.

Hope that you have successfully completed the installation of Towelroot APK V3.

Learn How to Root Towelroot APK V3

Rooting your smartphone is as simple as spreading butter on your bread. You just need to follow the simple steps attentively before rooting. These steps are common in case you are using other APK versions.

Step 1. The first step is to find the Towelroot APK  in your Android App Manager, after installing the APK.

Step 2. If you want, you can also have a back-up of your Android phone before you start rooting.

Step 3. Once you get it, open the application and you would be able to see a welcome screen with words written on it “Make it Ra!n”

Step 4. Once you have backed up your phone, please click on “Make it Ra!n “ which will automatically root your phone within a few minutes.

Step 5. After you have completed rooting your Android phone, you should be able to have the root access.

That will be all. Those who were unaware of the steps might have thought it is rocket science but it actually is very smooth and simple.

I hope you have successfully completed rooting. Now, you can download Towelroot APK V3 for free.


 Q. What is Rooting?

Ans: Rooting is the process of granting users smartphones and other devices which run on the Android operating system to obtain control (a.k.a root access) on other different Android subsystems. 

Root Access means giving access to the core part of the Android system. Once you gain Root Access, you are free to do anything you want with the system.

Q. Why should you root your device?

Ans: Rooting means you have access to the core system. You will have the option to delete software or other applications from the system. But you won’t be able to install anything in the software management system. This will help you to save the memory of your phone.

Q. Is Rooting harmful for your device?

Ans: The risks of rooting totally depends upon you. Rooting basically gives you total control of your system and will definitely have to be careful while you are working on it.

But other than this, it is safe and now you can root your device with 100% safe method.

Q.  How to unroot a device?

Ans: If you have a problem after the phone is rooted, what you can do is unroot the phone simply. You can use an option in the SuperSU App which will help you to remove the root from your device and get back Android’s stock recovery.