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TextNow apk Download — Install and Call your Friends for Free

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TextNow is an Android application that allows you to call and text your friends. Without the need for any wireless connection, you can make calls and earn credits through the app. All these will be possible only if the TextNow apk download takes place on your smartphone or tablet. 

If you are eager to know more about the application, they are here as follows. Getting along with the features and functions of the app are also important. Apart from that, you must know how to download the setup file and install it. In addition to that, if any issue occurs, resolving them is your utmost task to continue the installation. 

A Short Description of TextNow Application 

You don’t need any internet connection to use the application. There are no limits for sending text messages and calling. You will get a specialized cell phone number after installing the application. Multimedia message service also comes free of cost with TextNow. People living in the United States and Canada can get most facilities, the international calls are affordable. You might want to download and install this application to enjoy all the facilities. 

TextNow apk Download and Installation 

The best way to get the apk file is through manual download. The manual download means you will get the setup file directly on your mobile devices and computer. So, let’s first try to know about the installation process in mobile devices. 

The apk file will go straight into the smartphone or tablet’s internal memory. You can move the file later on to the external storage. Navigate to the phone or tablet’s internal memory, and tap on the APK section. After finding the file, tap on it to initiate the installation process. Make sure that you have allowed access to unknown resources from the Settings. After the installation, close the File Manager, and you can see the shortcut on the Android home screen. 

Have you Tried TextNow apk Download on PC?

TextNow apk download is possible on your PC. Directly, Windows doesn’t support apk files. So, you have to download an emulator. Emulators are applications that help you to create an Android environment. 

So, first, you have to install the emulator. After that, log in with an active Gmail ID and password to access the Playstore. Double-click on the apk file. If any pop-up window appears, read the instructions carefully and proceed. Hopefully, you will be able to install the apk on your PC. 

Modded TextNow apk Download: Legitimate or Not?

As you already know that international calls from the TextNow app are payable. The Modded version of this app will not involve any expenditure. So, why not opt for the modded version of the app? Before installing the modded version, be careful that you will communicate through text, multimedia messages and calls via TextNow. 

What if your private data is stolen? There is a high risk that this kind of activity might happen. So, never go for any modded applications and games. 

Possible Issues and its Resolving Methods

Mostly, the possible issue you might encounter is installation error. This might happen because of three reasons — Corrupted apk, system issues and low internal storage. According to the users, people using TextNow on mobile devices faced the issue. Don’t worry, you can fix them with ease. Delete the previous apk file if you are facing an error while installing. Try out some other websites and download a new apk file. After that, try installing the app. 

If your mobile device has a lot of cache and residual files, then the installation process might get hampered. Clean the cache files with the built-in cleaning tool. You can use a third-party application also. Restart the smartphone or tablet and try installing the apk once again. In case the internal memory is running out of storage, uninstall unnecessary applications. In addition to that, you can move all the app data to external storage and this will free up the internal memory. 

Navigate to Settings and tap on Apps. Of course, you have an idea about built-in and third-party apps. Tap on every third-party application and move data to an SD card (external storage). While the process continues, never shut down or take out the SD card. This might corrupt the OS. Once done, try installing the Text now app. 

TextNow Vs Mobile Carrier

TextNow is an application, whereas a mobile carrier is a connection that runs with the help of a SIM card. The cost of TextNow is comparatively lower than any mobile carrier. There is one massive limitation. TextNow, the application can work on any Android phone. It doesn’t matter in which country you are living.