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TextFree.apk Download and Install for Free Communication

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Previously, it was Pinger, and now it is Text Free. It is a mobile application that allows you to text and call your friends for free. Being a freeware application, it became popular worldwide in a very short span of time. Yes, you can also avail all the facilities of the app after TextFree.apk download. 

The text messaging and calling facility is not only available in domestic but also international numbers. You will come to know about the developments shortly. In order to make the installation successful on your smartphone or tablet, turn on the option for allowing unknown resource access. 

The Specifications of Text Free.apk 

The latest version of the app is 12.1. There are 18 old versions of the app. The minimum OS compatibility of the app is Android 9.0. TextFree is available in English and Spanish language. The total estimated download of the app is more than 1 million. Pinger Inc has designed and developed the app. Text Free is available on Google Play Store. But, you will not get the apk file. So, getting along with third-party websites is the only option. 

TextFree.apk Download and Installation Procedure 

Type on Google “TextFree.apk download for Android devices”, and you will get multiple links to various websites. Always opt for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd link. Once you find the Download button, tap on it. The download time will not be more than a minute. And, after that, close the browser. 

Now, you have to access the internal storage of your smartphone or tablet. Tap on the File Manager app and find out the apk file. In order to begin the installation, once again tap on the file. At first, you will witness the staging procedure. This means that the OS is checking the system compatibility. After that, you will see the “The App is Installing” notification window. Once it is finished, it will show “Done” and “Open”, both options. You have to tap on “Done” and close the File Manager. 

The Text Free.apk Download for PC

There are no PC versions available. So, BlueStacks, the best android emulator, will help you to run the app on your PC. After the installation of Text Free on the emulator, you have to go through all the on-screen instructions. Then,  you will be able to use the app. 

Some Features of Text Free.apk

As per the user analysis, Free text is the second most popular app. Out of 10, the user rating is 7.9, which is quite good. The facility of a custom number selector is available. You can search for the people nearby and get their numbers. In addition to that, the feature of sending text and multimedia messages is awesome. 

As usual, the calling facility is also free nationally and internationally. Based on certain countries, the calling facilities might not be free. Don’t worry, because they are easily affordable. If you have a list of reserved numbers, then the app to app calling facility will be uninterrupted and free, of course. 

Chatting in groups will help you and your friends. Moreover, if you make a group call, it will also be free domestically. Texting or calling every member of the group is quite hectic. 

Your Expectations from Text Free App

The app utilizes the technology of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). If you have friends in the USA, then this technology always comes in handy. On the other hand, the calling feature is limited in the USA and Canada. Normally, your main expectation is to text and call for free. 

Is it Safe to Download and Install the App?

There is no harm in the download and installation of the Text Free app. But, never get the apk file from a website that is not safe. If you are using a premium version of antivirus, the security application will mark the desired website unsafe. So, don’t proceed after that. 

During the installation process, never try to turn off the phone or cancel the operation. If you do so, the entire OS might get corrupted. The corruption of the apk file will follow through. 

What are Similar/Alternatives to Text Free App?

Confide, Phoner 2nd phone number, Messaging Plus, Numero eSIM, Free Conference Call, Ring Central, TextPlus, Easy Message and many more. If you face any issues while using the Text Free app, you can choose one of these alternatives.