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SuperSU apk Download to Root Your Android Phone

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Rooting your Android smartphone and tablet device is a good decision. SuperSU apk download will help you to root your Android smartphone and tablet. The process will help you in controlling every function and feature. In addition to that, you can also uninstall system apps that were previously not possible. 

It seems that you are ready to root your Android device. How are you going to do it? All the details are given below. You have to check them out thoroughly. The apk file must be genuine and must not contain any malicious codes that permanently harm your device. 

SuperSU, A Short Introduction

The SuperSU will work to its full potential when you allow all the app’s access on your device. In doing so, you will have total control over the root access of third-party and dedicated apps. If you opt for some other app installation, then root permission is necessary. SuperSU will do that for you. 

SuperSU apk Download

Getting the SuperSU app is the main task. You can get it from the Play Store. Here, you will not be able to download any apk file. The SU binary occupied alert might also appear. Below the notification box, there is an option to solve the issue. 

Exit the Play Store and type “SuperSU apk download” on Google. Click on the first link to the official website. Navigate and you will get the Download button. The apk file will go straight to the internal storage of your smartphone or tablet. 

The Installation Process

The installation process is not that easy compared to the other apk files. The downloaded file will be in zipped format. Now, you have to access the recovery mode by pressing the Power and Volume down button simultaneously. The Install option will automatically appear. This process will root the internal storage of your Android device. 

The SD card is denoted as internal storage. SD card1 is denoted as the expandable storage. So, don’t mix things up and get confused. Select the zipped file under SD card and tap on “Swipe to confirm flash”. After that, tap on “Wipe cache and Dalvik”. Reboot the device thereafter to complete the process. 


Now it’s time to verify whether the SuperSU app is correctly installed on your device or not. Navigate to your home screen and tap on the shortcut. The Greenify root access request will appear. You have to tap on Yes. This proves that the app is installed on your smartphone or tablet, correctly. 

When no access request or pop up notification appears, then you have to perform the installation process once again. 

SuperSU apk Download for PC, Possible or not?

There is no need for SuperSU apk download on a PC via an emulator. You don’t have to root a computer as it is being rooted from the factory condition. In case you have downloaded the apk file on your computer, then attach the smartphone with the help of a data cable. Allow access to the internal and external storage of the device. Copy the apk file to the internal storage. 

Is Rooting a Legitimate Procedure?

You can manage all the dedicated and third-party apps as per your requirements. For your convenience, rooting the internal storage is a legitimate procedure. On the other hand, it also voids the international warranty of the device. In case you face issues and visit the service centre, you have to pay the charges for the repairs or replacements of the device. 

The Features of SuperSU

Great features in small size. There are several other apps that have the ability to root your phone. Based on the user’s review, SuperSU is the best, and you will definitely need it. The requirement of root access on your device is inevitable while you try to run an application. In such scenarios, the pop-up notification will appear asking you to grant or deny the permission. 

When you open the application, the list of apps shows up that have root access. Furthermore, the list also shows the collection of apps to which you have denied root access. The best part of the app is you can unroot your smartphone or tablet whenever you want. 

What about the App Price?

The standard version of SuperSU is free. As usual, you get to use all the standard features without spending money. There are several other features that are premium. You have to pay a sum of money to access all of them. Some of the premium features are PIN protection, Per-app login configuration and many more.