SRS Root APK: Rooting made Simple to your Android

Root Android

SRS Root APK is a freeware basically used to root Android devices with One Click root option. This is an application which enables you to have full access to your Android data in your desktop.

This one click root solution gives you the chance to harness full potential of your phone by using SRS Root APK and have full control over all the functions. And it is said to be one of the easy rooting tools for Android devices and support almost every version.

To explore Android devices and to know its core functions, young tech geeks would love to take privileges of their phones with customs ROMs, bloatware removal, backing up data and this goes on.

Features of SRS Root APK

With evolving technology, many rooting apps are developed but I can assure you SRS Root APK is one of the best to choose from. It supports both rooting and unrooting of devices with Android version 1.5 to version 4.2 but the latest Android version 7.1 is not supported, unfortunately.

SRS Root APK was developed by XDA developers.

Latest Version – V1.4.01

Compatible with – Android Version 3.0 or above

Last updated on – 10th May, 2019

Downloads –  2,27,654 till date

SRS Root APK is licensed as freeware for PC or laptop supported by both Windows 32 bit and 64-bit operating system. It is made available to all users and is free to use.

Few common Advantages of Rooting

  1. Custom RAM installation – It is one of the most common reasons why people root their phones. Custom Roms is an exceptional way to test the latest android version even if you haven’t got the latest update.
  2. Backing up your Data – You can literally backup applications, messages, photos, contact list through SD Card. This is also a major reason people root their phone for.
  3. Removal of Bloatware –  This will help you speed up Android and to reduce unnecessary usage. You would be able to delete any app which you don’t need or don’t use.
  4. Ads Blocking feature – Ads can very annoying while browsing or dedicatedly doing something. Rooting also helps in blocking unwanted pop-ups and ads.
  5. Privacy Protection – After you have rooted your phone, if you allow unknown programs, your user privacy information would be at high risk. It’s very important for the user to protect their privacy as your phone is full of emails, apps data, contacts, and other important data.
  6. Recover deleted files – Well recovering deleted files which is essential for you would satisfy your decision of rooting. This can help get back all the important data which is lost like call logs, Whatsapp conversations, photos, etc.
  7. Block Websites – One of the advantages of rooting is you have the freedom to block any websites you want in your Android phone using the simple tool. There are few websites which really irritated us and in those case, you can use this feature to block Websites according to your convenience.

How to Root Android Device with SRS Root APK?

For your ease, the step-by-step guide has been given below:

1. In the first step, you have to allow “USB debugging”.

  • Go to the “Settings” option and click on “Developer Options”.
  • Under Developer options, you will find “ Debugging”, just enable debugging clicking on the box.
  • A pop up will come up to confirm, just click on “OK” and you are done.

2. Coming to the second steps need you to go to  “Settings” and enable “Unknown Sources” on your phone.

3. Now download and Install SRS Root tool on your Windows desktop. And try to close other background application to avoid unwanted errors.

4. After installing SRS Root APK in your computer, connect your Android phone with your computer via USB cable.

5. Open SRS Root app and you will be given 3 options to choose from “Permanent Root”, “Temporary Root” and “Unroot Device”.


SRS Root APK is an effective Android rooting program as we have already discovered. I hope we have discussed enough on this specific Rooting App. Any layman can go through this and do it themselves without any expertise. It has its own pros and cons so it is your choice completely.

Rooting your Android smartphone can be great and beneficial for several uses that stock Operating System cannot provide. You can use these cool hacks to make full use of your Android Device’s potentiality.