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Snapchat apk Download and Install to Send MMS

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Previously, the concept of MMS was in higher registers. As technology advanced, several Android applications made MMS available and easy to use. In order to send multimedia messages to your friends and family, the Snapchat apk download is necessary. It is one of the best MMS sending applications. 

The upgraded/replica version of the normal Snapchat is Snapchat++. It has tons of exclusive features that will take your multimedia message to another level. Before you install the apk file, make sure to turn on the access for unknown resources. Without this process, you won’t be able to install any application manually. 

Snapchat apk Specifications

It’s a freeware application with as the latest version. Snapchat is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Here, you will focus on the Android platform as apk is the file extension of Android OS. Android 9.0 is the minimum version required to install after Snapchat apk download. The file name is:


Along with the official language English, the app comes with Greek, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, Polish, German, Danish, Swedish, Hindi and Japanese languages too. The total estimated downloads were calculated to be 2 million. Snapchat Inc developed and designed the app. 

What are the Previous Versions of Snapchat?

The previous versions of Snapchat were,,,, and From the month of August to September, Snapchat released all the versions. A few days back, the host organization launched Snapchat’s latest version. 

The Snapchat apk Download and Installation 

Choosing the direct apk download over Play Store has an edge. When you download an application from the Play Store, you won’t get the apk file. In addition to that, if your Google Play Games app is not up-to-date, then you will never be able to download any apps and games. 

Whereas, if you keep the apk file in the internal storage or SD card, then the installation process will be quicker. You might not know that the download and install of Snapchat from the Play Store requires a verification process by the Play Protect feature.

There are several websites that are ranking first, second and third in Google’s search results. Always try to go for the first link. Carefully observe all the options and tap on the Download button. 

The elapsed download time is a few seconds. After that, close the browser and navigate to the File Manager. Open the Downloads folder in the internal memory. Tap on the apk file and allow all the options that appear as a pop-up message. 

When the download is over, close the File Manager application. After that, proceed towards the home screen or main menu to find the shortcut. This will help you to run the Snapchat app.

The Snapchat apk Download for PC 

The previous section was for all the Android smartphones and tablets. Regarding the usage of Snapchat through PC, it’s fully applicable. Well, let’s make one thing clear to you first. Snapchat apk file is compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets as well as Android emulators. There is no harm in Snapchat apk download and install in an Android emulator. But, the app is more suitable for mobile devices. 

The Snapchat++: A Brief Idea

Like the normal Snapchat application, Snapchat++ is a social media platform for sending and receiving MMS. Keep in mind the safety and privacy of the users, normal Snapchat has many features that are unavailable. That is why Snapchat++ emerged, with better services and features, you will get more privileges. 

What about the Features?

All the features of Snapchat and Snapchat++ are more or less the same. So, let’s get along with all the details. You can download all the pictures and videos of your friends into your device’s gallery. The facility to upload a video as a story is available on Facebook and Instagram. If you don’t want to see any video as status, then you can mute it. 

In order to view the snaps, you have to hold it just like viewing a WhatsApp status. In Snapchat++, there is no need to hold the snaps. Just disable the gestures, and it’s done. Once you upload a video, it’s saved to the Snapchat server, as well as in a separate folder in your smartphone or tablet. 

The other features of Snapchat are the paintbrush tool, photo upload facility, access to the master and slave media vault and more.