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Samsung Smart Switch apk Download to Transfer Files

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It seems that you are using an old Samsung smartphone or a tablet. It’s time to upgrade and replace the old device with a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone or a tablet. So, it’s obvious that the data in the old device needs to be transferred to the new device. The Samsung Smart Switch apk download will be the best choice. 

There are several other procedures for backing up the data from your old device. But, those processes involve risks of losing data. When you get the new smartphone or tablet, surely the app will be pre-installed. But, on the old device, you need to get the app. So, let’s get to know the process. 

Samsung Smart Switch Platforms 

Manually download via several websites, Google Play Store, Windows and Macintosh. The Samsung Smart Switch app is compatible with all these platforms. So, let’s begin with the manual download process of the apk file. 

The Specifications of the App

The latest version of the app is Before Smart Switch apk download, make sure that you check the file size. It is not more than 30 MB. The Smart Switch application is developed based on the category of utility software. 

The app will access your media files, documents, apk and contacts. There is no harm in that. Samsung provides ultimate security and cares about your personal data. The app is available in English and 44 other different languages. Over 5 million people have downloaded the app, and it is still increasing. The last update was released on 11th August 2021. 

The previous versions are, which was released on 29th July 2021. Furthermore, on 3rd August 2021. on 3rd April 2021. on 16th February 2021. 

The Smart Switch apk Download and Installation

The best way to get the genuine apk file is to type “Smart Switch apk download” on Google. No matter which links you choose, you will get the apk designed and developed by Samsung. Navigate to one of the websites, check out the new version and download it. 

After that, open the File Manager app to access the apk file. It is stored in the internal storage of your smartphone and tablet. During the process of installation, the app settings will pop up, asking for allowing access to unknown resources. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. 

The Samsung Smart Switch for PC

There is absolutely no need to run the apk file on your PC. So, following the same procedure given above, get the Samsung Smart Switch setup file depending upon what system OS you are using. It may be Windows or Macintosh. Thanks to Samsung for developing the setup file separately for Windows and Macintosh platforms. 

How does a Samsung Smart Switch App Work?

Hopefully, the Smart Switch apk download and installation are over. So, let’s head on to the working procedure in detail. Both Samsung Devices must have the latest version of Smart Switch installed. After the connection is successful, you have to choose which data you want to transfer. Follow the on-screen instructions and start the transfer. 

Easy Transfer of Data 

Wireless Transfer is one of the key features of the Samsung Smart Switch. All you need to do is to create an account on the official website of Samsung. Create one from your old device and one from your new device. After that sync those two accounts and transfer data, wirelessly.

Connect both old and new devices to your computer. Sync the Samsung cloud with the accounts. After that, select USB mode and click on Transfer. Now, wait for the operation to complete.  

As usual, select the Samsung Cloud storage as the host. Upload the entire device data. Now, proceed towards the new device and download the same data to the new smartphone or tablet’s SD card. After that, restore them and it’s done. 

What if the Smart Switch is not available on the new device?

If the app is not available on your new Galaxy smartphone or tablet, then don’t worry. Navigate to the Settings, choose Accounts and backup, and you will get access to the Smart Switch feature. It is the built-in feature in the latest Samsung Galaxy Flagship phone and tablet. 

What if you cannot Install/Find the App?

Old or new devices doesn’t matter. If you are unable to install the application, then there is a high possibility of an incomplete data backup. So, the best way is to try resetting the device. If still, the problem persists, then gather all the peripherals and the device, take it to the authorized service centre. Hopefully, you will get your problem resolved.