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Sidebar apk Download and Install for Modified Drop-Down Menu

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Sidebar is a lightweight app to create a modified dropdown menu bar. It will be either located at the centre, left or right. Somehow it is not possible to set the drop-down menu on the top. Why is it so? Because the Android system drop-down menu is already there. It is a system default, and you cannot change it. Overall, the Sidebar apk download and installation will help you to set up the entire thing. Andr

Before you begin the process, never forget to navigate to the app settings. From the app settings of your smartphone or tablet, turn on the option of allowing access to all the unknown resources. In case you don’t activate it the first time, the pop-up notification will appear during installation. 

The Sidebar apk Specifications

There are two modes present in the app – One is the Sidebar, and the other is the Sidebar Lite. More or less, the functions and features are the same for both. The latest version is 4.4.0. Android 3.3 is the minimum OS for installing and running the app. The app is available in the English language. It is a freeware app without any in-app purchases. The last update was on 3rd September 2021. 

Mr Mohammad Adib has designed and developed the app. You can check out his forum threads with the help of “”. The app is available at Google Play Store. You can get the direct download, but the download and installation from the Play Store will not help you get the apk file. In this case, third-party websites are required. 

The Sidebar apk Download and Installation

Open the Google homepage and type “Sidebar apk download for Android”. When all the links appear, tap on the first link. It will redirect you to the official sidebar page of Uptodown. Go through the website first. After that, tap on the Download button. If the message on the website shows that your download will begin automatically, wait for a few seconds. In case the download won’t start, tap on “Click here”. 

When the download is complete, you will find it on the internal storage of your smartphone or tablet, close the browser. Navigate to the File Manager app and access the Downloads folder. When you find the apk file, tap on it and the apk-Android synchronisation process will begin. After a few seconds, you will witness the installation process. If the app doesn’t start automatically, then connect your Android device to the PC. Hopefully, the app will start. 

The Working Procedure of the Sidebar App

After the successful Sidebar apk download and installation, tap on the Start. You will witness two options – Normal mode and Lite Mode. The Lite mode has limited functions. That is why it also uses limited system resources. On the other hand, the normal mode uses more system resources. All the functions are operational in the normal mode. 

Select a mode and tap on OK. There are several slots that are left blank. You can add your desired apps. You can add 18 apps, not more than that. On adding the 19th app, you will get a notification “Adding limit reached”. Furthermore, if you want to add some more apps, then the replacement of any previous app is necessary. 

What about Games?

Most probably, you are using the latest version of Android OS. So, it is obvious that Android 11 has a built-in game launcher. When you run a game, the game launcher will execute automatically. 

Similarly, you can add a game shortcut in the app after successful Sidebar apk download and installation. Tap on the game, and the Sidebar will disable, and the game launcher will open automatically.

The Sidebar apk Download for PC

Hyperterminate, CFEmulator, PicoROM, Bluestacks are some of the best Android emulators that will support the Sidebar app. In order to run the app on a PC, you have to install one of the above-mentioned Android emulators. According to the users, Bluestacks is the best. In order to get the apk file on your PC, you can either transfer it from the Android devices or download it once again. 

Quick Tools for Sidebar

Screenshot, Screen recording, and Block banners – These three are the quick tools that you will get by default after Sidebar apk download and installation. Screenshot helps you create a picture of the ongoing activity on the mobile or tablet screen. While screen recording, the recorded file will be stored in the internal storage. In case the app displays unwanted ads, the block banners will play a crucial role.