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Samsung Gears Sideloads the Pay App: Violating the Google Terms


There is a wide range of Samsung wearable gears in the market that will simply trigger your tech freak mind. These smartwatches are most appropriate for people who use Android mobile devices. In order to run the devices, you need to install and run certain applications. This method is applicable in non-Samsung devices too. 

But, the Samsung Pay app is the mandatory application that you have to install. This has resulted in breaking certain rules laid by Google by transferring the data from the Samsung Pay app from the gears and connected non-Samsung devices. 

The Actual Incident 

The regular Android user has recently pointed out that when he is trying to set up and install the Samsung Pay application on the gear, in a non-Samsung smartphone, certain errors are cropping up. He noticed that the gear is retrieving the setup file of the Pay application and prompting him to sideload it. In addition to that, as an Android user, he says that the app is being pulled out from the Samsung server itself. 

Breaking Google’s Guidelines 

Maintaining the terms and conditions of Google, Samsung was redirecting the users of wearable gears to download the app from Google PlayStore. This redirection will help the users to download the necessary plug-ins. 

But, now it is distributing the plug-in via file format. In doing so, Samsung has broken the guidelines of Google under Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement Section 4.5. 

Samsung Steps in

After procuring all the vital information regarding this matter, Samsung dug deep and analyzed the issue. After that Samsung tried to fix this problem within a couple of days. The wearable gears are no longer downloading the Android setup file. Moreover, it also does not prompt users to sideload the application. 

Why didn’t Google take any Legal Action?

Google came up with a major surprise by not taking any legal action regarding the breaking of terms by Samsung. This has surprised all the Android users. It is assumed that Google might have given a warning and asked for resolving the matter. Maybe Samsung has completely hidden that warning. Everything is based on assumption and rumours.

Additional Information about the App

The Samsung Galaxy wearable app is easily available at the Google PlayStore. Moreover, it is also available in Samsung’s official Galaxy Store too. People thought that Samsung had made the Galaxy store just like the PlayStore by mistake. But no, there is a vital reason behind it. 

If you install the app from the PlayStore, then the API will redirect itself to the Galaxy store interface. After that, it will get installed automatically in your gear completely. Furthermore, now it doesn’t need any type of interference from the user. The application is part of Samsung’s APK package. So, after the successful installation, it will automatically perform the process of sign in. 

Summing Up…

There are other applications in the Google PlayStore which one can download in the gear. In the future, Samsung might change this matter and gather all its official Galaxy applications in the Galaxy store itself. All we have to do is wait and watch what happens next.