Play Store APK download

Play Store APK Download: Install and Get Your Apps

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Google Play Store is the official and built-in application in Android OS. The Play Store app can disappear due to malware, outdated OS, cache files and many other reasons. When this situation occurs, the utmost requirement is Play Store apk download manually. 

Here are the steps that will help you to download the apk file of the Google Play Store. Without it, you won’t be able to install any application directly. Make sure that you check the current version of Android OS and the Play Store apk file before you download and install. 

The Available Websites

The mobile version of apkpure, Softonic, androidapksfree, ccm and many other websites has the apk file. So, you have to open your browser and access any of these websites to download the apk file of the Google Play Store. 

Play Store apk Download and Installation Process

The download is possible in two different ways — mobile devices and computers. For mobile devices, the apk file will be stored in the internal memory. Minimise the download section of the browser and navigate to the File Manager. You can see several options — Audio, video, apk, docs and others. Tap on the apk section to open all the downloaded apk files. After you find the Play Store apk, once again tap on it to start the installation. 

If the notification for installing the unknown resources appears, allow it. Check if previously you have allowed it to install any application. Google Play Store is not a third-party application, so why will the pop-up notification appear? This will happen because you have downloaded the application from another website as Google doesn’t provide the Play Store apk download directly. 

If you have downloaded the apk file via computer, then you can use an Android Emulator to install the file. Apart from that, connect your smartphone or tablet to the computer. Allow mass storage access. If you have external storage attached to the device, then copy and paste the apk file to the external storage. After that, follow the above-mentioned steps for installation. 

Google Play Store Successfully Installed, What now? 

Now, you have to log in with an active Gmail account. Provide the correct email address and password. Some users say that it is better to disable the auto-update feature of the applications in the Play Store. You can do that as every application is necessary. So, there is no point in updating them and decreasing the storage space. 

Google Play Games, Is it Necessary?

Yes, along with the Play Store apk download, the latest version of Google Play Games installation is important. If you are eager to play games on your smartphone or tablet, then the Google Play Games app will let you install all the latest version games. It is better to install the app via the Play Store. 

Update the Google Play Store

Play Store doesn’t need manual updates. The OS automatically updates the application in the background. You can see a number of changes after opening the application. The layout, icons, buttons, text styles will seem to be different. 

Avoid any Issues while Installing Play Store

If any patch files or OS updates are in the queue, then you must complete the installation. After that, proceed towards the Play Store apk download. This will eliminate any error messages or other obstacles. If you still face any issues, try to clear all the cache files. In addition to that, optimise the mobile device by checking the battery, close background applications, and many more. 

Installation of Apps without Play Store

You can download and install any apps without using the Play Store. Get the APK file from any website and install them. But, on the other hand, the security of your smartphone and tablet also matters. Google Play Store has all the apps that are secured and verified by the Play Protect feature. And, it is one of the finest features of Google Play services that not only takes care of your device but also applications. 

Which Applications are Verified by Google Play Protect?

Tons of applications are verified by Play Protect. Furthermore, the applications must not contain any malicious codes or explicit contents. This is the first condition of the Google Play Store. You can download and install any apps that Play Protect verifies. It will neither harm your device nor steal your personal data. Google always recommends its Android users use these types of applications. 

What’s more in Google Play Store?

Google Play Store has apps and games and contains the latest movies, books, and many more. There are several free books and movies that you can enjoy. But, popular books and movies require a subscription. So, overall, you can understand the importance of the presence of the Play Store app on your smartphone and tablet.