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PdaNet apk Download and Install To Share Internet Via Mobile and PC

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PdaNet is an application that helps in establishing the internet for your Android device. When the internet connection is active, it detects the connection. After that, the app shares it with your computer via wired and wireless connectivity. This entire procedure is called Tethering. And, for successful tethering, the PdaNet apk download and installation is mandatory. 

Nowadays, in flagship Android smartphones and tablets, a built-in tethering Hotspot is already present. So, what is the point of installing this application? Yes, you will come to know later on. Lastly, don’t forget to activate the option of allowing permission to install unknown resources. 

The Specifications of PdaNet apk 

The latest version of PdaNet is 5.23.2.  The size of the app is not more than 50 MB. On several platforms, the app got a fantastic rating of 4.5 out of 5; impressive, isn’t it? June fabrics Technology has designed and developed the application. 

The PdaNet apk Download and Installation Process

The app may be available at the Play Store. You can get it but from the Play Store, you will not get the apk file. So, type “PdaNet apk download for Android” on Google. When the list of links appears, always try to opt for the first link. The first link will represent the official website of PdaNet. 

At first glance, you will notice that there are two options available. One is the Download, and the other is Buy. The download option will help you in getting the demo version of the apk file. 

The apk file will be downloaded on the internal storage of your smartphone or tablet. Now, close the browser and navigate to the File Manager app. This app will help you in accessing the internal storage. Open the Downloads folder and tap on the apk file. 

The staging procedure will begin. Within a few seconds, the installation procedure will follow. This might take a couple of minutes. When the installation is complete, close the File Manager. You will get the shortcut on the home screen or the main menu of the app. 

The PdaNet apk Download for PC

You don’t have to make use of the apk file to install the app for PC. PdaNet has all the compatible PC versions for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Chrome OS. No matter what OS you use, you will have a compatible setup file. After that, double-click on the setup file. The installation window will appear on your PC. 

Click on the Radio button to accept all the terms and conditions and the license agreement. Click on Next to finish the installation. Further, make sure that the installation directory is on the system drive. 

Running the PdaNet on PC

On the last stage of the installation, you have to select a mode. There are three modes available – USB, WiFi and Bluetooth. So, you have to select any one of the modes and then finish the installation. Of course, there will be a shortcut present on the desktop. Double-click on the shortcut to run the app with desired settings. After that, connect the smartphone or tablet with the help of a USB cable. When the pop-up notification appears, allow the USB debugging. 

Choosing PdaNet over Built-in Hotspot

The crucial time has now arrived. The built-in hotspot already provides more or less similar functions on your smartphone or tablet. So, why are people choosing the app over the built-in hotspot? There are several reasons behind it. 

Let’s find out all the details of Hotspot first. The built-in hotspot only shares the mobile internet connection. You have to set it up manually with a password. Cellular data is mandatory, in this case. 

Unfortunately, there are also some limitations. You cannot activate WiFi while the mobile tethering Hotspot is active. This means that there is no question of getting connected to the wireless network. On the other hand, the PdaNet application provides three types of connection modes as mentioned. This provides flexibility in using the app. You will not get this in the built-in hotspot. Lastly, the built-in hotspot uses most system resources. Thus, there is a fair chance to drain the battery quickly, which is not always a good sign for your device. 

Features of PdaNet App

It is lightweight with an easy user interface. Every option of the app is easy to understand. You need to activate the Bluetooth, WiFi when necessary. So, make sure that there are no glitches. The download speed is uncapped so that you can get a blazing fast speed with uninterrupted bandwidth. The demo version has a few features that are pre-activated. If you like the app, you can opt for the full version. 

The full version has all the features and functions unlocked. This will help to work on its full potential. A few people might search for the modded version. Most probably, the modded version is not that popular. So, it’s better that you make a one-time investment and enjoy the app for a longer period of time.