How to Open APK Files on Windows 10

What it is and how to Open APK Files on Windows 10?


People are eager to use android apps to their smartphones. But they do not want to install those apps to their phone. Now it is possible with the help of emulators. Android SDK is such a Google app which you can use and give reviews but you do not need to install it.

Windows 10 android emulator has great features which help in emulation. This Android emulation is possible because of a hardware and software scaling known as “Sweet Spot”. This helps the overall emulation process as well as makes everything workable.

Because of the small storage space and memory Android can be easily run on PCs and smartphones. You can get an operating system easy to use, simple and functions well. For all of these reasons you can use windows 10 as a fast Android emulator app

By using some methods you can easily know how to run APK files on Windows 10 and also in other versions as well. The examples of such methods are Bluestacks App Player and ARC Welder. Both apps have super functionality and help users in various ways. With this article, you can get ARC Welder download process and also the full installation process of other apps.

Definition of APK Files

For installing Android apps in your pc and phones you need some files which are called APK files. These APK files are enough to install APK files, you do not need to download them from play store. You can download these files from different websites as well but you PC might download dangerous malware, adware which is present in these sites. 

Filename.apk is present in Android phones and Filename.exe are available in Windows. Both these files have all the files along with app installer but to install these files you require Android SDK. 

During downloading an app from the Google app store, these APK files are not visible to smartphone owners because all the unpacking and installing have been done by the system itself. Users can only see a text-” Installing”

Methods to Run APK Files On Windows 10

You can use many methods which help you to know how to run APK files on Windows 10. Check the below three methods in details.

Android SDK

By setting up Android SDK on your PC you can know how to open APK files on Windows 10. Make sure your Pc has JAVAs latest version as for Android SDK setting up it is required. If it is not present to your system then you can download it from various sites.

  • After the installation, you have to come to the bottom of the Android page. At the bottom choose common line tools. Now you follow the steps –
  • First, you have to download the package to your pc and move it to C-Drive.
  • Go to your control panel and then click on Advanced system settings.
  • Now tap on Environment Variables and Highlight path.
  • Choose the edit option and paste it in the changeable value.-‘C:\Android\sdk\tools;C\Android\sdk\platform-tools’.

Now you have to double-click on the executable option to open Virtual Android device. Because you are launching for the first time it might require a little time. When it will launch completely, you can use all apps easily.

BlueStacks App

Another app which is used to run Android Apps on Windows 10 is the BlueStacks app. You can perform the same type of task that you can do by Android SDK. Check the Whole set up process.

  1.  First, you need to download and then install BlueStacks on your computer.
  2. Then you have to set up your profile and for that you login with your Google account.
  3. Now you will be able to store apps and games or other apps from Google play store.

The best part is that you can find an Android front end and other options in this BlueStacks app. It is one of the best Android emulators which you find helpful to play any Android games on your laptop. Apart from that, you can get the best mouse control by using this app. Other features are as like as Android which is a great part to perform any task.

ARC Welder

By using ARC Welder you can easily run Android apps on Windows 10. It is an extension of chrome which can support Chrome browser directly. Though it is considered as the best method you can many nugs during the whole process. Follow the below steps – 

  1.  Download ARC Welder file from Chrome web store
  2. After downloading click on Install button for installation
  3. You can see a small window will pop up with two options. Just hit the Add button.
  4. When ARC app will be added you have to download some APK files and run it.
  5. After that open Chrome Apps and Click on ARC Welder to start.
  6. To run this app for the first time, you might require an APK directory where you can write APK. Click on Choose option to select a directory and then you can select a previous location or form a new one.
  7. To load APK Click on ADD your APK option 
  8. Select one APK Files where you are saving all APK files. Here you will get some options to Launch your app.

You can not download this ARC Welder from Google chrome store and one application can be run at one time. For getting more application this app can be a good option for you.

Concluding Words

Overall if you want to try new features and apps on your phone without installing them then you must try all these methods as they are designed to accomplish many tasks with advanced technology and application segments. All these are different from each other but suitable to open APK files on your Windows 10.