One Click Root

With One Click Root your Android Phone Safely


One Click Root is one of the smartest and efficient android rooting software available. As the name indicates, with the help of only one click, you can root your android device to check its full potential.

If you ask what Rooting is?

Rooting is the process of granting users of smartphones and other devices which run on the Android operating system to obtain control (a.k.a root access) on other different Android subsystems.

One Click Root was initially released on July 21, 2017, and then after almost 2 years  APK was updated on May 3, 2019, the current and latest version is which may also include unmentioned updates and bug fixes.

One feature that makes it stand out of the crowd is its live support. If you find yourself getting agitated and can’t figure out what to do, you have the option to chat with someone from the developer team.

And they have a convenient tool on their website to check if your phone is compatible or not. One Click Root has a total download of  2,38,945 which makes it the best.

The One Click Root software is becoming dynamic every day. It’s being added with new rootable Android devices to make the software as useful as possible. It comes with a wide variety of supporting Android devices like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, and a few more and users are provided with anything that unravel the potential of the device.

Importance of One Click Rooting 

Access to more apps – Apps which are not compatible with our device needs root access to run on any android device. There are many apps which you have wanted to install but couldn’t due to incompatibility but One Click Root solves the problem. So, enjoy any application you want from the play store or any other sources.

Custom Roms – It is one of the most common reasons why people root their phones. Custom Roms is an exceptional way to test the latest android version even if you haven’t got the latest update.

Magnificent battery life – You can install battery saving or enhancing apps like Greenify that can add more 3-4 hours of battery life a day. This is one of the key features which makes people root their phone.

Complete Backup – Most of us root our phones to have a complete backup of your data and progress. You can add apps like Titanium, which can fully backup your device.

Block Features – We all know how annoying Ads can be while browsing or dedicatedly doing something. Rooting also helps in blocking unwanted pop-ups and ads. There are good ad-blocker available to do your job.

Bloatware uninstallation – To get additional RAM and CPU performance you need to uninstall Bloatware. This will help you speed up Android and to reduce unnecessary usage.

Let’s discuss how to download and root your phone easily

Rooting a phone on your own can be a little dicey if you are not aware of how to do it.

It needs a little bit of technical knowledge and can get bricked. It’s better you take assistance of the whole process.

Please follow the steps mentioned below :

How to root Android device with computer

  1. First step is to Download One Click Root
  2. Install One Click Root on your device.
  3. Then connect your Android device with your computer via USB
  4. Go to settings > Developer Options
  5. Approve USB debugging open developer options (Android 4.2 and newer versions Developer Options is hidden by default)
  6. Click on ‘Run ‘option to Run One Click Root and the software will automatically complete all the remaining steps further needed.

 How to root Android device without a computer

1.   You have to go to the ‘Security Settings’ from the ‘Settings’ menu.

2. Go to Developer options and click on USB debugging

3.    Approve it for debugging

4.    Download One Click Root

5.    Install it on your device

6.    Click on the Button which will come up to root the device.

Hope you have understood all the steps. Whenever you need to reboot your device please follow these step by step.

To download One Click Root please click on this icon.


 Q. What is rooting?

Ans: Rooting is the process of granting users of smartphones and other devices which run on Android operating system to obtain control (a.k.a root access) on other different Android subsystems. 

Root access means giving access to the core part of the Android system. Once you gain root access you are free to do any changes you want with the system.

Q.  Why should you root your device?

Ans: Rooting means you have access to the core system. You will have the option to delete software or other applications from the system. But you won’t be able to install anything in the software management system. This will help you to save the memory of your phone.

Q. Is rooting harmful for your device?

Ans: The risks of rooting totally depends upon you. Rooting basically gives you total control of your system and will definitely have to be careful while you are working on it.

But other than this it is safe and now you can root your device with 100 % safety.

Q.  How to unroot a device?
Ans: If you have problems after the phone is rooted, what you can do is unroot the phone simply. You can use an option in the SuperSU App which will help you to remove the root from your device and get back Android’s stock recovery. As simple as that.