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Nova Google Companion apk Download and Install to Modify your Android Devices

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The use of launchers has been a trend for Android users. In order to make the smartphone and tablet’s icons look attractive, people use this third-party application. Nova is one of the most popular launchers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sync with the Google Now app. The integration was denied by Google long ago. 

The developers have come up with a combined solution to sync Google Now and Nova launcher, and together it is called Nova Google Now. A complimentary application that features Google Now on Nova launcher. You will get the combined facility with the help of Nova Google Companion apk download. 

A Vital Change

Before you proceed towards the installation process, you have to make a little change. Navigate to the app settings on your Android device. Turn on the access to all the unknown apps. Without the help of this change, you will not be able to install any third-party application on your smartphone or tablet. 

The Specifications of Nova Google Now Companion

Android package name is “com.teslacoilsw.launcherclientproxy”. The latest version of the app launcher is 1.1.0. The minimum OS required is Android 5.0. After the Nova Google Companion apk download and installation, it will run smoothly on Android Oreo and above. The app may not be available at the Google Play Store. That is why several third-party websites have the apk file. More than 10 million people have already downloaded the launcher. 

Nova Google Companion apk Download and Installation Process

You don’t have to visit any other websites as the official one will provide you with a genuine apk file. Before the “Changelog” paragraph starts, you will find the download link. Tap on the link to proceed. If any captcha appears, apply the correct answer to the captcha question to start the download. The apk file will be downloaded to the internal memory of your smartphone or tablet. 

Close the browser on your mobile device. Navigate to the File Manager app. Select the apk section and tap on the apk file. You will see the start of the staging process. After a few seconds, the installation process will begin. Depending on the configuration of your mobile device, the elapsed time of installation will vary. 

Enable the Nova Google Companion Launcher

After the Nova Google Companion apk download and installation, you have to run the launcher. Now, navigate to the Nova settings. You will see the option for Google Now; tap on Enable. If the launcher restarts, don’t try to tap on any buttons. Furthermore, you must not tap on the Standby or Lock button. 

The Nova Google Companion apk Download for Emulators

Android emulators are created to support all types of apk files. Maybe they are launchers, games or apps, it doesn’t matter. So, a launcher will only change the emulator’s user interface. If you are planning to do so, then transfer the apk file from your smartphone or tablet to the PC. Hopefully, you have installed the Bluestacks. Run the apk file, go through the on-screen instructions and make necessary changes. 

The Initial Releases and Updates 

On 14th June 2017, the first version of the launcher was released. You can call it an initial release. And, the updated version was released a few days later. The new changes will support Lollipop. In addition to that, the launcher stability is also improved. 

Is it OK to Use a Launcher?

Yes, it is absolutely OK to use a launcher on your smartphone or tablet. The user interface changes and will give you a new look. In addition to that, the icons will also take a new shape. Unfortunately, the functions of all the menus and options will remain the same. A few people say that it poses a negative impact on volatile memory. The matter of fact is that the effect is not negative; it uses up most system resources. So, you must always opt for a launcher only when you use a flagship smartphone or a tablet. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Of course, the launcher is easy to use. You will face no issues while installing it. The animations and icon styles are sharp and clear. In most flagship phones, you will not face any lags. Moreover, your device will never freeze. With no in-app purchases, the app is freeware, and anyone can install it on their smartphone or tablet. 

But, there are some disadvantages too. The launcher will only work when you install the Beta 2 version before installing the original one. Both the applications may consume a lot of RAM. So, your device’s RAM must be more than 4 GB. Few users have reported bugs and other issues. So, in order to get rid of bugs, always install the latest version.