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MX Player apk Download and Install to Play Audio and Video

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Among all the Android video players, the MX player is the most popular one. It is available at the Play Store with certain limitations. No apk file is available. You will get the free version that is capable of playing audio or video of certain file formats. In order to use all the features of the app, you have to opt for MX Player apk download. 

There are modded versions available. It will not only help you to watch all the media items but also gain access to a special section. You will come to know about that later. Before installing the apk file, make sure you activate the option of allowing the unknown resources from the app settings. 

MX Player, The Specifications 

As you already know that the MX player is a freeware app. The latest version is 1.39.12. Android 9.0 is the best compatible OS version. J2 Interactive has designed and developed the app. As per the analysis done by experts, in the previous month, the estimated download of the app by people was more than 65,000. 

MX Player apk Download and Installation

The Google search engine will help you to get the genuine apk file. Type “MX Player apk download for Android” and tap on search. A list of all the available links will appear. Always try to download the apk file from the first link. When the download process is over, you have to close the browser first. After that, navigate to the internal storage with the help of the File Manager app. Tap on the apk file and install the player. 

What about the PC Version?

You don’t have to get any Android emulator after the MX Player apk download. There is a PC version of the app. And, for Windows, it’s the .exe file. For Macintosh, it’s .dmg executable files that are necessary. So, you have to get the MX Player setup file in any one of these two formats depending on the system OS you use. After that, the download and installation process follows. 

What is the Role of Gmail?

For the PC version of MX Player, you have to log in with the help of your active Gmail account. Without logging in, you might not get to use all the features of the application. The same thing also applies to the mobile version after MX Player apk download. The login to the Play Store will require the sign-in/login via Gmail account. 

The MX Player, Features

The media player has some special abilities. Whenever you add a bunch of new video files, you don’t have to restart your smartphone or tablet. The application will automatically refresh the newly introduced items. 

The user interface is easy to understand. You can adjust the volume directly from the right-hand side of the screen by sliding your finger. The same gesture is applicable for increasing and decreasing the brightness from the left-hand side of the screen. 

Some other impressive gestures are pinch to zoom. You will get different aspect ratios while watching a movie or a TV series. Adjust the video content accordingly. Let’s say you are watching content in a language that you don’t understand. So, how will you get to know the story? The subtitles in English will help. Navigate to tools and tap on “subtitles”. If you don’t have a .srt file with the video, then get it online from the app itself. The other supportive subtitles are SSA, SMI, SUB, MPL, and TXT. 

If you have any kids and they are interested in watching any video, the screen lock is available. This feature will help you to prevent your kids from switching over to some other applications. On the other hand, the application supports all types of video formats like AVI, FLV, DIVX< MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, XVID and many more. 

The Modded MX Player apk Download

Recently, MX Player has been producing various short films and TV series. So, after you get the MX Player apk download, you have to subscribe with an amount of money. Only after that you will be able to watch all the premium content. So, the modded apk file of MX Player will lift the restriction. Some tech experts say that it is not all legitimate to install the modded apk on your smartphone or tablet.

With the help of the file handling process, the modded apks are made. Sometimes, they might get corrupted. After installing the apk, it affects the Android OS. So, if you are eager to use the modded file, then download it from any well-reputed third-party website. The concept of the cracked/modded version is not applicable for the PC version of the MX Player.