August 15, 2018

Must Have Mobile Payment Apps in 2018

Pay on the go– this is surely something people have gone after. After all, digital payment methods are taking the world by storm.

Consequently, the world has shrunk in between few inches of screen. Travel, date, work, or sleep- you can pay anytime from anywhere.

Of course, when things are becoming smarter, reliability and security is an issue on the other hand.  

To sum up, digital security is also a major priority. You cannot trust on every app, can you?

Having said that, these are some of the best Mobile Payment Apps in 2018. They are best in terms of service and security.

Mobile Payment Apps

When iOS became Cashless!

Well, cashless is a relative term. But yes, it was something which went viral. The introduction of Apple Pay was received with much excitement.

And in no time, it became one of the widely used mobile payment apps.

Now the process is one time (if you choose not to change your iPhone). Enter your card details on your Apple account only once. So, you can pay directly from your iPhone everytime you transact.

As far as security is concerned, this is Apple we are talking about. They have ensured security through Face ID or Touch ID. Either do things manually or simply ask Siri to perform your banking actions.

The best part is, as a fail-safe, all return cash comes back to your Apple account. So you see, there is no need to consult the bank or any manual work.

Now Comes the Giant: Google Pay

Google is an AI in the first place. I really consider the giant to be a human of some sort. And things surely just got better for Android phones.

From retail stores to online services, Google Pay supports every place where you need to pay.

When it comes to Android security, we are skeptical. But Google dispels all doubts by confirming their multi-layered security on payment pages.

However, this has a drawback. You cannot send money directly to someone. Google has another app for that- Google Pay Send. You can get it directly from Play Store.

Also, your bank needs to be ‘a brand’. Cards of small credit unions are not supported by Google Pay.

All in all, you can trust Google Pay. The transactions are truly faster, more secure, and you can never lose your money.

Mobile Payment Apps

PayPal: The Global Player

There is not a single country left where PayPal is not used. Soon after its introduction, the app went on going viral.

I recently read about a few countries who are removing hard cash payments. The emphasis is completely on PayPal.

Be it personal payments, retail payment, online stores and e-commerce, hotels, etc. I cannot remember a platform where this app isn’t used.

The thing I like about PayPal is its less complexity. It supports multiple cards and country auto-detection is something amazing.

Then why third in the list? The fee issue!

PayPal charges a certain amount of fee. I must say you need to be careful about that. This is due to the fact that the charges are not fixed. The amount varies according to purchase and regional policies.

The above three are undoubtedly the best. There are a few others such as Samsung Pay, PayU, PayTM, Venmo, etc.

They did not make the list because of just one reason- user experience. and you can be pretty sure that security is the primary concern.

So here are the top 3 Mobile Payment Apps you must use in 2018. I am sure you have other suggestions as well. Why not let me know in the comments?