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Minecraft Earth apk Download and Install to Play

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Similar to the normal version, Minecraft Earth also is super exciting. The game is most probably not available at the Google Play Store. So, you have to rely upon safe and trusted third-party websites for Minecraft Earth apk download. One main thing is that only an apk file will not be enough to play the game. 

OBB is the package file with all the saved information, audio, video, graphics, and many more. Now, the question is how to use the OBB? Where do you have to copy and paste it? You will get all the information here.

The Minecraft Earth

It is the Ar version of the original Minecraft game. Mojang and Microsoft Studios have collaborated with each other recently, and together they have created the game. The game is quite interesting to play if you have previously played the normal Minecraft game. Similar to the Pokemon Go game, it uses Augmented Reality technology. 

Minecraft Earth, The Specifications 

The name of the app is Minecraft-Earth-0.33.0.apk. The size of the apk file is not more than 65 MB. As the setup file title says, the latest version is 0.33.0. The minimum OS requirement of the game is Android 8.0 and above. The last update of the game was on 4th January 2021. 

The Minecraft Earth apk Download with OBB and Installation

Open Google and type “Minecraft Earth apk download with OBB file”. You will get a list of links. Always try to go for the first 2 to 3 links. These links redirect the website to the genuine and safe apk with the OBB file, together. Download it to your device and close Google. 

Navigate to the internal storage of your smartphone or tablet. Install the app, first. After that, don’t run the app from the home screen or main menu. Mostly, the OBB file downloads in the form of a zipped format. Extract and copy the OBB file. Paste it in the game directory. Now, run the game. 

If you don’t paste the OBB, there is no harm. You may have to spare some more amount of time to download the OBB file within the game. 

Let’s get Along with the Features

It’s all about excellent creativity. You have to create something in the game and express yourself. Create your masterpieces like houses, buildings, castles and many more and share. While roaming around, collect important items, animals, and others. These collective items will help you to trigger and decorate your masterpieces. Meet the other people and build your masterpieces all together. Moreover, you can create a small team and go for a mini-adventure. 

What about the New Stuffs?

When you start playing the game after Minecraft Earth apk download, you will come across many new pieces of stuff. They are brand new seasons, build plate store cost reduction, lower crafting and smelting time, and the rare items to get more advantage while building any masterpiece and mini-adventure. 

There are some new variants that you witness in the game. Some of them are fuzzy sheep, cream cow, long nose sheep, sooty pig, umbra cow, golden crested chicken, freckled rabbit and many more. If you cannot find these items, then patch files are available. You have to download and paste them into the installation directory. 

Create a World of Blocks

As mentioned earlier, the Minecraft Earth apk download will help you to change the world in blocks. You have to turn on your smartphone or tablet camera. After that, roam around, find items and experience a world of blocks. The facility of playing the game in multiplayer mode makes Minecraft Earth quite interesting. 

Testing the Beta Version

It seems that you want to test the game and experience its gameplay. Here is the beta version. Get the Minecraft Earth apk beta download from a safe website. Install it on your smartphone and go through it. You will get a brief idea of how the game works. If you like it, get the official apk and OBB file. If not, then avoid it. 

Pros and Cons 

It’s fun when you play the game. You can add as many members as you want. There are no limits. The gameplay is super interesting and addictive. You can spend hours playing and will never get bored. The graphics quality is fantastic.

During the mini-adventure, the combat feature is very much limited. So, choose and use wisely. Lastly, there is no option of a battle between you versus another player, which is quite boring indeed.