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Messenger apk Download for Voice, Video & Text Conversations

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The concept of chatting virtually on messenger goes back to the time of Orkut. As time passed by, technology and the idea of social networking evolved. Now, Facebook is the most used platform. It comes along with a dedicated Messenger apk download that will help you to communicate with your friends and family. 

Also, Google has its own platform for text, voice and video calls, and it works alongside Gmail. You can call it a type of messenger as the working procedures are more or less the same. So, let’s get along with all the details of the messengers and other virtual communication platforms. In order to install the apk files successfully, you have to allow access to unknown resources from the app settings. 

The Role of Play Store

Google Play Store has all the messenger apps that you need. But, there is one restriction, you will not get the apk file. Here, your main intention is Messenger apk download to your Android smartphone and tablet. So, do visit well-known third-party websites. Regarding any further updates, you can either get a new apk or update the installed file from Play Store. There will be no restrictions. 

Details of the Messengers and Virtual Communication Platforms

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus VR, Onavo and Beluga – the facility of Messenger apk download is available. So, you will get brief details about Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram messenger apk download and installation process. 

Facebook Messenger apk Download

Facebook Android apps are of two types, one is official, and the other is Lite. The same concept applies to its dedicated messenger. Previously, there were built-in chat facilities. After that, it was mandatory to get the messenger to your device for chatting, voice and video calling purposes. You can send stickers, emojis, gifs to your friends. The shortcut to chat through Facebook messenger is called chat head or chat bubble. 

Type “Facebook Messenger apk download” on Google and navigate to the first link. Tap on the Download button and get the apk file. After that, go to the File Manager app and install it. When done installing, tap to open the Messenger app. First, it will take some time. Hopefully, your device will be automatically synced with the website. After that, sync your Facebook account to log in. 

WhatsApp Messenger apk Download

Some people call it the SMS killer because most Android device users don’t use the built-in SMS app on their smartphone or tablet anymore. A legitimate choice indeed because you can send text messages, pictures, videos, documents, voice messages and many more. WhatsApp Messenger apk download is possible via a third-party website. Follow the above instructions to download and install it. 

When you run the app, first agree to all the terms and conditions. After that, enter your phone number. When the OTP arrives, WhatsApp will automatically detect it. For the first time installation, you have to select a name and a profile picture. In case you are having a backup file, WhatsApp will provide you with the option to restore it. 

Instagram Messenger apk Download 

You must have an Instagram account to access Instagram messenger. Instagram can be directly synced with Facebook. Instagram doesn’t have any separate messenger as it comes with the app itself. So, for Instagram Messenger apk download, you have to get the apk file for Instagram. Go for the download process as given above. While installing, tap on “Login with Facebook Account”. After logging in successfully, swipe right to open the Instagram messenger.  

What about the Lite Versions?

The Lite version is only applicable for the Facebook Messenger app. The Facebook Messenger Lite needs limited storage space. It is much smaller in size compared to the official version of Facebook Messenger. If you are eager to save space and rely on text messages only, then always choose Facebook Messenger Lite. 

Other Messengers that have apk Files

Band, Discord, Signal, Skype, Snapchat, Viber, Slack and many more. With the help of these messengers, you can send text messages and other multimedia files as well. The working procedures of all the text messengers are more or less the same. Hopefully, you will not face any hectic situations while using any of them.