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Lucky Patcher apk Download and Installation Process

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Online streaming of any media file is popular nowadays. Apart from a subscription, you can watch a bunch of free content. But, in between the watch hours, the appearance of advertisements are really annoying. Furthermore, unnecessary system apps and it’s forced updates might be continuously filling up your internal storage. Lucky Patcher apk download is necessary to resolve all of these problems.

Lucky Patcher will block all the ads that restrict your entertainment. It’s obvious that you cannot remove the system apps from the phone. Here, the Lucky Patcher app will help you out. With the help of the app, you can uninstall the dedicated apps of your smartphone and tablet. 

A Brief Details of Lucky Patcher

The latest version of Lucky Patcher is 9.6.9. No subscription, no payment, no registration, the app is freeware. The estimated size of the Lucky Patcher is not more than 10 MB. ChelpuS, a software developing organisation, designed and developed the application. The app belongs to the category of “Utility (Tools) Software”. As per the analysis done by the host organisation, more than 1 billion people have downloaded the app. Out of 5, users rated 4.8 to the Lucky Patcher. Android 4.0 KitKat is the basic requirement for installation. The app was released on 8th September 2021. 

Before Downloading

You must remember a few important factors. The Lucky Patcher is not a malware, trojan or any type of virus. So, Google Play Protect might show you warnings after the installation process. So, don’t worry about that. Navigate to the Play Store settings and turn off the Play Protect feature. 

Lucky Patcher apk Download and Installation

Lucky Patcher has its website, and from there, you can download the apk file. You will get the original version of the app. When the apk download is complete, navigate to the File Manager of your smartphone or tablet. In the apk section, you will find the file. The installation process will start when you tap on the apk. Hopefully, you have allowed access to unknown resources from the Settings. 

When the “Do you really want to install the Lucky Patcher v8.0.0?” message appears, tap on Yes. The installation process starts and will take a few seconds. After the app is installed, close the installer. If any other application window is open, close it. Navigate to the shortcut menu of Lucky Patcher and start the app. 

App not Installed? How to Fix it?

Certain reasons might be responsible for not letting the app install on your smartphone or tablet. In order to find them out, the first resolving process is to restart the device. If you still find the issue, then your device might have cache files and needs optimisation. Clear all the cache files either with the help of the dedicated function or a third-party application. After that, optimise the device. Hopefully, the installation will now take place without any hassle. 

Exciting Features of Lucky Patcher

Several applications and games have in-app purchases. And, this means you have to buy coins, gems to utilise all the features of those apps or games. Lucky Patcher will block all the in-app purchases. Moreover, if you are interested in getting unlimited gems and coins from a game, the app will also help you in getting them. It’s possible due to bypassing the official licenses and verification processes of apps and games. 

The conversion of other apps to system apps is possible. Your favourite app will remain in the device even after resetting it. The Lucky Patcher will make this possible. Lastly, if any game or application is not running due to internal permission issues, the Lucky Patcher will crack the permission feature and help you run the application easily. 

Can you Move Apps to SD Card with Lucky Patcher?

Moving any app and its data is possible with the Lucky Patcher apk download and installation process. Normally, you can move any app and its data from the “Apps” section in the Settings. Sometimes, you might face restrictions and thus, the Lucky Patcher app assists you. 

Backup and Restore with the Lucky Patcher App

You can take a backup of all the application files. Whenever you want to reset your smartphone or tablet for obvious reasons, the backup process is necessary. The Lucky Patcher will help you to gather all the app data and store it on the SD card, which is the external storage facility of your device. 

Permissions for Utilizing the Full Potential of Lucky Patcher

After Lucky Patcher apk download and installation, you must grant permission. They are the modification of system settings, overriding the other apps, permission to delete app data from SD card, modification of local app environment access. 

Why is Lucky Patcher not in Google Play Store?

The app helps in cracking certain features and bypass permissions. So, Google thinks that it is not legitimate. Thus, the app is not available on the Play Store. Don’t worry, and it is available on the official website.