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iOS apk Download – How can I Install APK on iPhone?

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iOS and Android are two different types of mobile OS. But, some of their functionalities are quite the same. What if you could switch to iOS without buying an iPhone or an iPad? Sounds interesting, right? The iOS apk download launcher will help you to get iOS on the Android platform. 

A launcher is an application that temporarily shuts down the main system interface. After that, it launches its own functions upon the Android device. So, make sure that your smartphone or tablet has the correct configuration to support the launcher without lags. 

The Launchers of iOS apk Download

Here are some of the best launchers. You have to choose one of them by going through all the details. So, let’s launch all the valid information about the iOS launchers and why you should choose them. 

1. iOS Launcher 13

iOS 13 is one of the latest system software of iPhone. Of course, you will get the same usability as on an Android device. The iOS launcher 13 mimics the latest flagship phones of Apple. When you install the launcher after the iOS apk download, the main wallpaper is the same as you see on a flagship iPhone. 

In case your Android phone is having a notch or bezel-less display, then it would look exactly like iPhone X. There are many websites that have the iOS launcher 13 apk for your Android smartphone. Make sure that you download it from a well-known and safe website. 

2. The Launcher iPhone

It’s a stable launcher for your Android smartphone. Some users are happy to use this launcher. They say that it’s a clone of an iPhone on your Android phone. The working accuracy of this launcher is positive as the device doesn’t slow down or freezes. The manual customization is present for better graphics, picture clarity, app icons and transition effects. You can categorize all the applications as per your preference. The launcher of iOS apk download is possible through the Play Store and other third-party websites. 

3. iOS Control Center 13

This is another fantastic application for experiencing iOS in your Android smartphone. The interface is the same. The facility of manual customization is also there. The Control Center app is not only compatible with high-end phones but also supports entry-level and mid-range Android phones as well. As usual, like the previous launcher, you can get the apk file in Google Play Store and other third-party websites. 

4. iLauncher

This launcher on your Android phone replicates iOS 12. The centre of attraction of iLauncher is its stylish wallpapers and themes. A lightweight and fast application without any lags. The Android icons will look exactly like the iOS icons, which is obvious. Like the other launchers, iLauncher is also available on Google Play Store and other third-party websites. 

5. The iOS Control Panel

This is another manually customizable launcher for recent Android devices. As the title of the launcher suggests, the Control Panel of the launcher is the centre of attraction. Replicating the iPhone, all the shortcuts are present — Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Torch, Silent mode, screen timeout, brightness level and many more. But, this launcher is not that good as the previous one. However, for testing purposes, it’s worth trying. The launcher of iOS apk download is possible through Play Store and other third-party websites. 

6. X Launcher 

The X Launcher is a good launcher for getting the look-alike interface of the iOS. But, the user’s reviews on different websites and Play Store states that it uses up a lot of smartphone’s resources. If the internal memory of your Android smartphone is already occupied by more than 65% by other apps, then it is not a good idea to use X Launcher. Furthermore, the launcher allocates memory at the smartphone’s startup. So, overall, you must have a free space of more than 60% of the internal memory. Then, the X Launcher will be effective on your Android device. 

The Installation Process After iOS apk Download Launcher

The installation process is simple after the download is successful. Tap on the apk file. You can see the installation progress bar on the display. On completion, depending upon what launcher you choose, it will give you the option to launch. Tap on Yes. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of using a Launcher

It is not at all harmful to use any launcher on your Android phone. But, there are certain advantages and disadvantages that you should consider. 


The iOS usability on your Android smartphone. Creative and innovative looks. Better picture clarity and more wallpapers and icons. iPhone-like user-interface. Apart from all these advantages, there is something more. Let’s say you are planning to switch from Android to iOS. So, what you have to do, straightway buy an iPhone, right? Using an iOS launcher will help you to understand the UI of iOS first. If you are comfortable with it, then opt for a real iOS. 


Some launchers consume a lot of internal memory and other system resources. Hence, you might not be able to install any other applications, thereafter. On the other hand, if you face any issues regarding the software for the launcher, then the authorized service centre will not help. You have to sort out the issue on your own.