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2 Methods for Instagram apk Download in Android Smartphone and Tablet

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Authorized by Facebook, Instagram is also a social network. The platform mainly focuses on posting pictures, making reels (short videos). In addition to that, you can also chat with other people who you are following or anyone who follows you. Everything can be possible when you opt for the Instagram apk download. 

There are two ways with which you can download the apk file of Instagram. Make sure that you check whether it is the latest version or not. And, don’t forget to turn on the option that allows access to unknown resources from the system’s app settings. 

The Specifications 

Of course, Instagram is free. The app is available in 44 other languages. A few years back, Instagram was taken over by Facebook. The estimated download of all time is more than 20 million. The latest version release date is 23rd September 2021. 

People over 12+ years old will be able to install and use the app. The previous versions of Instagram are,,,, 

System Requirements

For Instagram apk download and installation, Android 5.0 lollipop is the minimum requirement. In addition to that, your smartphone or tablet’s internal storage must have 2 GB of storage space. While installing, if the app asks for any permission, always tap on Allow. 

The Instagram apk Download

There are two ways by which you can get the apk file. One is from the original websites, and the other is via torrent. The installation process needs your prior attention. Malicious files can penetrate your smartphone or tablet via the apk file. So, how to detect a safe apk file? Here you go. 

1. Third-party Websites

The English version of Instagram Softonic, apkity, the Instagram version of Uptodown, baixarapk. These are some of the safe and genuine third party websites where you can get the apk file of Instagram. Tap on the Download button to get the latest version. 

2. Torrent

Without the torrent client, it is impossible to download the Instagram apk file. The client is available in the Play Store. After installing the client, open any torrent website. Type “Instagram apk” in the search bar and tap on the Enter button. Select a file and tap on magnet download and the torrent client will initialize the metadata. The download will be completed within a few seconds. 

Is the Use of VPN or Proxy Necessary?

Any proxy application might not be compatible with your Android smartphone or tablet. But yes, the VPN is necessary. It will safeguard your network as well as the torrent client to ensure a safe download. 

The Installation Process after Instagram apk Download

Close the browser or the torrent client. Navigate to the app with which you can access the internal storage. To install the apk file, you have to tap on it. When the procedure starts, if any pop-up notification appears, tap on the Yes button. You can run the app by navigating to the Main menu or the home screen of the Android smartphone or tablet. 

Instagram for PC

Direct access is easily available to Instagram via PC. If you want to run the apk file, then always use an Android emulator. There is one main difference between Instagram Direct and Instagram from an Emulator via PC. Regarding the direct method, you can witness the user interface only. Neither you can post any pictures nor any videos. Whereas, the interface of the emulator is a copy of the interface that you use on the smartphone or tablet. 

Instagram++, A Fewer Details 

It is the modified version of Instagram. Tons of added features are available. It is quite simple to upload photos and also to download them. This feature is not available in the normal Instagram app. Atnfas Hoaks designed and developed the modified version. The total size of the app is 25.3 MB. 

How can you Download Photos and Videos?

The process of Instagram++ and Instagram apk download is more or less the same. First, you have to focus on the login steps. So, after successful installation, you can log in via email address and password. In addition to that, there is also an option to log in via Facebook. When the timeline appears, you can select the photo or the video you want to download. Right after that, tap on the main menu, and the Download option will appear. The content that you download from Instagram++ goes directly to the internal storage. You can access them through the Gallery. 

The Common Features of Instagram

Uploading photos and videos, and stories are one of the most common and well-known features. There are no restrictions in image format. You can upload PNG, GIF, JPG and more. The two-way posting on social media is available. Once you post a photo or a video, you get an option to share it on Facebook too.