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HTC Internet Browser apk Download and Install to Browse Internet Safely

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HTC is a smartphone manufacturing company. Their devices are powered by Android OS. For a couple of periods, HTC has adopted Windows to produce Windows phones. Somehow, the response from the customers about the Windows phones was not so great. After adopting Android OS, they have started working on the mobile application platform. The HTC internet browser is one of their great products. 

It’s obvious that the HTC Internet browser apk download and installation will help you to access the internet safely. In addition to that, you will also get more featured benefits from the browser. You will come to know about them. Before installing the browser, make sure that you have activated the access to the installation of unknown resources from the app settings. 

Specifications of HTC Internet Browser

The name of the app is HTC Internet App. The sub-category of the app is internet communications. The name of the package is The latest version of the app is 7.30.26, with the build version of 20152639. Android KitKat is the minimum OS required for HTC Internet browser apk download and installation. It’s obvious that HTC Corporation has designed and developed the app. The browser is available in 20 languages. Its size is not more than 30 MB. 

HTC Internet browser apk Download and Installation Procedure 

Navigate to all the website links that Google ranks at the top. Those are safe websites with a genuine apk file. So, you have to select one and go through it. It is always better to select the first link. Tap on the Download button and the apk file will be downloaded to the internal storage.  

Open the dedicated File Manager app. Access the Downloads folder located at the internal storage. Tap on the apk to initiate the synchronisation process. In other words, you can also call it the staging process. After a few seconds, the installation process will automatically begin. It will take some time. When done, you have to close the File Manager app. Move towards the main menu or home screen to find out the browser shortcut. 

The HTC Internet Browser apk Download for PC

You can run the HTC internet browser with the help of an Android emulator. The process is not that tough. Install the emulator on the very first note. After that, you can either get the apk file, either from your smartphone and tablet or download it from the website. Most users say that you may not need to install the HTC browser on an emulator. You will get them from the PC version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge/IE. 

HTC Browser Compatible Devices

Of course, the browser will work smoothly on all HTC devices. In addition to that, it is also compatible with other devices as well. In some cases, if you see that the browser is not working properly, there may be bugs. So, you have to clear the device cache files first. Hopefully, this will work. If not, perform the steps for HTC Internet browser apk download and installation as mentioned above. 

The Features of HTC Internet Browser

You might not know that the HTC internet browser a vital for the HTC Sense 7.0 interface. Furthermore, you must know all the features of the browser. This will help you in using the browser without any interruption.  

The View Mode

When you open the browser, it is in normal mode. Tap on the status bar, and you will witness the Fullscreen mode. So, you can browse the internet in both modes. There is another mode available, and it is known as the immersive mode. The immersive mode is available somewhere in the options or the settings; you need to find it out. This mode will hide the URL bar. It is quite similar to the fullscreen mode and is perfect for watching online movies. 

The Quick Control Bar

It is one of the fantastic features of the browser. After the successful HTC Internet browser apk download, you have to activate it from the Settings. After closing the settings, hold your smartphone or tablet. Swipe from the right corner to the left, and the quick control bar will appear. Bookmarks, Incognito window, new tab, saved the link, and many more are the contents in the quick control bar. 

The Downloads Location

The Downloads Location plays one of the most important roles after HTC Internet browser apk download and installation. If your phone is rooted, the location will be, by default to expandable storage. And, for non-rooted phones and tablets, the location will be the internal storage. Manually, you can change the download location by accessing the settings.