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How to Use Kingroot For Rooting Your Android Mobile

How to Use Kingroot For Rooting: Are you trying to root your android phone but finding it difficult? Actually, rooting an Android phone is really difficult because for rooting a single phone you will need to follow many steps and the most important factor is that there is always a fear that whether the phone will be safe after rooting or not. Because it happens many times that while rooting the android phone, the phone gets damaged. So this is the main reason for which rooting an android phone is one of the most complicated stuff. But today I would like to tell you that, you can also root your Android device by using an app called Kingroot app. Yes, now you can also root your android device with Kingroot app and root phone with this app is really easy as in this app you will not be able to follow those long steps, but just click on one button and get your android phone rooted.


The only problem with this Kingroot app is that you will not be able to use this app if you are having Moto G or Nexus phones, but it works very well in all the other Android devices. What are you now eager to know about how to root your android device? Don’t worry here below I am going to share with you all about how to root your android device with this useful Kingroot app. Fine, now let’s not waste time here knowing only some short description of this Kingroot app, so let’s know how to root your android phone with this app.

How to Root Android Phone with Kingroot app:

Today we are going to talk about how to root our Android devices with the help of this useful app that is Kingroot app, but before this I would like to tell you about some of the main things of this software which is very much important for you to know if you are rooting your phone with Kingroot app.

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Points to Remember Before your Root:

1. The first most important thing that you must know before you use this app to root your phone is that. If the app finds a Sony_RIC is enabled on your phone then, first of all, you will need to unroot your phone and then you will be able to re-root your phone and then disable the RIC features of your phone.

2. There are two versions of Kingroot app, and one is Desktop version, and the other one is Mobile version. So it is very much important for you to download the correct app for your device.

3. If you are having any problems while removing KingUser from the device then first of all force stop the KingUser and then clear all the cache data of your device and then try rooting your device with King root.

So this is all the important points that you are to remember before you start rooting your Android device with Kingroot app. Now before going to the main point of how to root Android device with Kingroot app, I would like to tell you about some features of this app.

Unique Features of Kingroot App:

Here are some of the unique features of Kingroot app that you must read out.

1. This app supports to a high number of Android devices. You can say this app is supported on all types of Android devices.

2. The recent features that are updated in this app are that this app is recently updated so that this app supports to the more wide number of mobile phones.

3. If you look at the history, then you will know that King root has a success of rooting 98.2% devices successfully. The most important thing is that this is one of the highest success in the history of rooting app.

4. This app also looks upon your phone after you root your phone if it is all OK or not.

So this is all the features that this rooting app is having in it, according to me, this app has many features than another rooting app in the market.

Rooting phone with Kingroot app:


1. First of all, install the Kingroot app on your android phone just like you do install the other third party app.

2. After you install the app successfully on your phone launch the app from the menu of your phone. Now the main part starts.

3. Now if your device is supported with this app then you will see a button “Try to Root.” Simply click on the button and wait till your phone get successfully rooted.

4. After some few minutes, you will see a message saying that “Your phone is successfully rooted.”


So this is all the simple steps for rooting your android phone with this one click rooting app that is Kingroot app. I hope after reading this you will not be able to stop yourself from rooting your phone with this app. So what are you waiting for the rush to the internet and simply install this Kingroot app on your android device? If you have anything to ask then you can directly proceed to the comment section below.

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