How to Install Paid Apps for Free on Android

Easy Ways to Install Paid Apps for Free on Android


Apps are an integral part of our smartphone. It helps us to enhance our experience with our smartphone. However some of the best apps are not free, you need to buy them. Some of us doesn’t want to pay money for the apps and hence miss out on the experience provided by this app.

No one will like to pay the full price when with a little cleverness you can get quite a few of the top paid apps for free.

Types of Ways to get Paid Apps for Free

Here are the ways which will tell you how to install paid apps for free on Android.

1. Use App Discount Sites to Obtain the Paid Apps for Free

Using an app discount site is basically the easiest way to find free Android apps. Such sites may not give every app for free, but it is a good place to start from. This site also allows you to save time looking for apps all over the internet. 

These sites also contain apps that gets a price cut. This will be appreciated by any bargain-hunter for the app. They also contain some free app as well.

2. Use Google Opinion Rewards for getting Paid Apps for Free

Some people are comfortable in giving google direct access to their personal preference. They fill a few forms rather than giving money for the apps. If you are like these people, then this site is perfect for you.

Google Opinion Reward app is the way Google uses to inform the latest marketing trends to the media and ad placement companies. It supplies the customers with information by performing a time-to-time survey for the users to take. Google then compensate the users for investing their time for the survey.

To become a user, all you have to do is download Google Opinion Polls app. After downloading, you have to enter some basic information like; e.g. your age, and then you are ready to use it.

The app will send a push notification whenever a new poll is available. When you have completed taking the survey, the app will then transfer your credit in a tally on the app, from there you will be directed to the Play Store along with your credit. The only catch is that the survey is out for only a limited time. If you do not take the survey within its time, it will be gone.

3. Use Amazon Underground

Amazon has been trying for a long time to get a step ahead of Google in terms of presence on the Android. The one way it does this is by its own app store. To get Amazon’s store, you have to manually install it. The steps are given below:-

  • You have to download the apk file from Amazon’s site.
  • Go to Setting > App & notifications > Advanced > Special app access > Install unknown apps.
  • Click on the allow option to allow the installation of unknown apps.
  • Go to the Amazon installer you have downloaded and click it. If you want you can download it in any place of your choice, otherwise it will be saved in the Downloads by default. To access Download you can follow these steps; go to Setting > Storage > Files > Download.

To reel in users, Amazon introduced the Amazon Underground program. This uses a different monetization system for the developers. Rather than making the users pay for the app, they are shown ads after downloading. Hence, this makes Amazon one of the best sites to download paid apps for free. Amazon then passes the earnings to the developers. The earnings are given to the developers at the rate of per minute the user spend on the app.

It is seen that the users are more willing to use an ad-supported app rather than a paid app and the developers are also benefiting from getting the users hooked.

Amazon Underground is not accepting any new apps as it is shutting down sometime in the next year. The users can still download the previously registered apps. The easiest way will be to go to the Amazon Underground page. Click on any app you want to install.

4. Use Developer Pages on Social Networks

Many aspiring developers promote their work by giving some of it away. They do so by giving out promo code to their passionate fans in the social networks.

The developers generally gain their fan following by doing giveaways on their social media page; where the fans are most likely to notice. If you don’t know the name of the developer whose apps you are searching, it is best to look in the online developer’s community.

On Google+, if you search for “Android Packs”, you will be shown a few rolling threads, the place where the icon pack creators go to sell their apps.

Reddit and XDA are some of the good social networking sites for finding developers. In the case of XDA, many developers provide their free app in the form of APK file to be downloaded. 

5. Use (Android Developer Beta Program)

Beta testing is handled differently by a different developer. Some developers may release their beta version of the apps which they plan on selling later. You will find these apps if you search in the Play Store by typing “beta”, “dev”, “testing”, or other related terms. You will know that you are on the right track if you see “Early Access” written in the place where the price is generally written.

To refine your search a little more, you can search in the “Early Access” section of the Play Store. To go to the “Early Access” page you have to swipe right on the homepage of the Play Store until you reach “Early Access”.

The Beta Testing Catalog allows you to browse all the apps the hosting open beta testing. It also allows you to search the entire catalog to verify if your favorite app is recruiting any testers.

Parting Words 

So, these are the steps for how to install paid apps for free on Android. As you have seen, there are many ways to get android paid apps for free download. Hence, you have to select the way, by which you want to download your free apps, very carefully.

The only negative about this is that when a developer releases the final version of the app, they generally stop updating the beta version.