August 15, 2018

Google Tips and Tricks to Take Your Digital Marketing to The Next Level!

You can perform your entire digital marketing on Google! Of course, you will need tools, but what if I say those are unnecessary?

Before we start, understanding marketing requirements are necessary. Prioritizing is essential, always because we have loads to do.

To be honest, webmasters are going crazy over Google updates. With each algorithm update, marketers are up against new challenges.

In the light of changes, tools foster an impact. There are paid and there are free. The one you choose depends on your requirements.

But here lies the problem.

Free tools are somewhat unreliable whereas paid are are costly! It is like spending bucks without a return guarantee.

When I say Google thinks like us, I am not exaggerating. So long as you learn the tricks, mastering marketing is at your fingertips.


Google provides certain free tips and tricks which, as my friend says, is more like the Halloween trick-or-treat.

Rather, I would rephrase it. Google provides all-year-round trick-and-treats. To explain it, let us dive a bit deeper.

Digital Marketing

Rank Without a Dime!

Google loves organics- the art of drawing people to your site for free. It doesn’t want you to spend dollars on SEO. But simply providing the people what they are looking for.

By and large, developers have provided certain tricks for both people and marketers. Above all, targetting keywords and research has been made extremely easy.

Writing a web content for ranking is cumbersome for sure. From content research to building appropriate links, we cannot boil things down to bits.

But now when the context is king, you need to rethink the way you work. Google wants you to stay with people and, these tools take you away from them.

That is bad!

Social signals have never been a ranking factor for Google. But, they are a means to understand what people love.

And that is exactly what we need to target as marketers- bringing relevance to your content.

Then again, our ‘paid is the best’ perception is somewhat wrong. Google is constantly evolving (so was Ultron!). And this evolution benefits digital marketers if you know how to harness it.

As soon as you learn Google tips and tricks, I am sure ranking on SERP would be easy.

In order to do that, let me tell you the 13 most amazing Google tricks you might never have heard of!

Digital Marketing

13 Google Tips and Tricks

♦ In the Google Search, try writing the following format-

“Website name” AND “author”.

For example, if I search for “Neil Patel” AND “author”, Google will fetch all content whose author is Neil Patel.

♦ In the previously searched query, you can add sites as well. The syntax for the search is-

“Name is” -website-name -site_name

For example- “Neil Patel is”

Now, all contents which carry the same context in both the websites will be shown to you. You can add other website names too with a hyphen.

♦ When you need multiple topics for the same keyword, you can type-

site: (name) keyword

For example, if I want to scrap all topics on Zen Desk for customer service keyword- customer service

♦ This is surely amazing to expand the domain of your content. To find similar topics for your content-

site:(website) -intitle:LSI keyword

For example- -intitle:marketing. All topics on buzzsumo will be fetched that are more or less similar to the keyword marketing.

♦ Numbers in your title are necessary so as to increase the impact. So to write listicle posts, you use a range of numbers separated by two dots. For example- Top 1..100 ways to fix the laptop.

♦ Researching has never been this easier. You can quickly find all sites similar to the one you are scraping. Hence, all you need to do is type-


For example, if I search for, all sites similar to will be shown to you.

Get Long-Tail Keywords for Free!

If you are following the latest SEO trends, you must be aware of the importance of long-tail keywords.

Now when 40% of the internet is voice-search, natural queries are bound to rule. The more you are long-tail friendly, the more traffic you get.

Until now, tools got ahead with their all under one roof feature. Using Google, you can research long-tail keywords for free.

For example, if you want to find a long-tail for laptop repair, search for-

repair AROUND (char) laptop

You need to enter the number of words you want in the char section. Google will fetch all possible queries that start and end with your term and has related words in between.

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors of Digital marketing

To win a fight, you need to analyze your competitors. Google is a highly competitive platform. And you need to know your competitors before you try to rank.

Again, Google comes to your aid. Let me tell you how.

♦ You can spy on your competitor’s best content. In like manner, if I need to find the best content on ‘graphics’ at BuzzFeed, then- intitle:”graphics”

♦ Keep an eye on what your competitors are publishing with-

site:competitor_site filetype:pdf

♦ Yes, topics may clash on Google. In case it does, why don’t you see your competitor’s content beforehand?

keyword1 + keyword2

♦ Oh! You can even see what your competitors say about you. Like if SpyFu wants to see what Moz said about them- intext:”SpyFu”

♦ It may happen that competitor pages have been taken down or expired. However, the content was good, nonetheless.

You can get back a taken down content too! All you have to do is type in cache: URL.

So you see, Google has everything for you. It is just like Dumbledore’s saying- “Help is given to those who seek it”.