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Google Now Launcher.apk Download and Install to Create a New Android Interface

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Android launchers are creative as well as innovative. Apart from the real UI of Android OS, it renders a new dimension in your smartphone or tablet. The icons get modified owing to several types of animation styles. Along with this, Themes and dedicated wallpapers also play a crucial role. All this is possible only after Google Now Launcher.apk download and installation. 

The app might be available at the Google Play Store. But, it will not provide you with the apk file. So, apkpure, gadgetsacademy, filehippo are some of the best websites that will provide you with the apk file. For uninterrupted installation, turn on the access to the unknown resources from app settings. 

Details of the Google Now Launcher.apk 

The latest version of the app is 1.3.1 with the package name of “”. The size of the file is not more than 15 MB. Android Jelly Bean is the minimum version of Android OS required. The API version must be 16. If you use the updated version of Android ahead of Jelly Bean, then the launcher will run smoothly. 

The Google Now Launcher.apk Download and Installation 

The most trusted and reliable websites are already mentioned above. Hopefully, you have gone through them and found the Download button. Tap on it to download the apk file. 15 MB or less than the file size will not take more time to download. On the other hand, the bandwidth of the internet connection also matters. 

When the download is complete, you will get the apk file in thyour smartphone or tablet’sternal/flash storage. So, close the web browser. Open the dedicated File Manager or Explorer. Access the internal storage and its Downloads folder. Tap on the apk file to initiate the installation process. When done, close the File Manager/Explorer. 

The Google Now Launcher.apk Download for Computer 

The launcher is easily compatible with your computer, no matter what OS you use. But, there is a twist, you need to have an Android emulator. Without the help of an emulator, you can never run an Android apk file on your PC. Always go for Bluestacks, it is the best. After the successful installation of the launcher, you will get the exact interface that you get on your smartphone or tablet. 

Important Features of Google Now Launcher

Hopefully, you already know what a launcher is and its role in your Android devices. After Google Now Launcher.apk download and installation, you can use the app without any hiccups. 

Google Assistant

Apple has Siri, Samsung has Bixby, Google has Assistant. It is an Artificial Intelligence speech recognition program that takes your commands, processes them and executes them. The Google Now Launcher has collaborated with Google Assistant AI. In the normal interface, say “OK Google” and your command will be executed. The same thing happens within the launcher. You can say it is one of the best parts of the launcher. 

The Easy User-Interface 

The UI is easy to understand. No matter what theme you use, the basic nature of the icons will remain the same. This is what makes the UI user-friendly. The folders, widgets, shortcuts are present on your home screen. Several panels are available to add shortcuts to the applications. Once the panel is full, the launcher will create another new panel automatically. 

Flexible Settings 

Three main options you will find in the settings after Google Now Launcher.apk download and installation – wallpapers, widgets, and normal settings. You can create floating widgets on your device’s home screen. This floating widget will act as a shortcut. 

Keeping Up Pace with the Google Standards

Google Now Launcher is partially developed by Google. So, it is obvious that the standards will remain intact in the launcher. After the Google Now Launcher.apk download and installation, the voice command and Google Assistant are different. So, when the app execution takes place, both these features function properly. Furthermore, the app doesn’t violate any terms and conditions of Google. 

Themes, Wallpapers and Icons – How to Customize?

The manual customisation of the app is available. When you get the launcher on your Android device, the theme, wallpaper and icons are already customised previously. There are a number of themes and wallpapers preloaded in the launcher. You can select them based on your choice. No matter what theme you choose, the device will not freeze. 

A Launcher for your Android Device, Good or Bad?

Launchers create another UI over the main Android UI. So, your device’s configuration must be up to the mark. Let’s say you use an Android device that has 2 GB RAM, 16 GB flash storage and 128 Gb of expandable storage. In this type of device, a launcher is not at all a good idea. On the other hand, if you have a flagship smartphone, go ahead with the Google Now Launcher.apk download and installation process.