August 15, 2018

Google Duplex: Get Your Own Version of Jarvis

What if your PC starts talking to you? It would be surprisingly similar to Captain America waking up after 70 years! Of course, we will surely be either flabbergasted or spooked out.

Without being a Marvel nerd, I must say that Google Duplex just made it possible. Earlier, it had always been imagined of machines that would talk with us.

And to define talking- stammering, rising and falling of tone, expressions; all these things are expected.

With the advent of AI, machines are becoming smarter (Sci-fi must be loving it!). Subsequently, it has been a boon. Businesses and enterprises are thriving faster than usual.

Evolution has taken a giant leap and the domain of technological outreach cannot be defined. Google Duplex certainly has made an enormous mark.

Google Duplex

What are we looking at?

A machine which can talk!

Additionally, the most important aspect is the natural language talking. You might expect your system to talk with loads of ‘errs’ and ‘umms’.

Feeling friendly enough?

Few months before its launch, Google Assistant stormed the market. And soon enough, it found its way into every smartphone on the planet.

I am sure you are aware of Assistant’s potentials. Then how is it different from Duplex?

There is no app, device compatibility, or anything as such. Using Google Duplex, you are making your machine smarter.

It is basically used for on-spot interactions, smart presentations, conferences, and workflow communication in large enterprises.

The idea is- what if a machine speaking in a human tone can do things for you?

Google surely has taken the idea to next level. Your system makes a phone call and might even talk to your client.

Google Duplex

Jarvis Comes Back to Life!

I would love to use the metaphor for those who cried with Vision’s death in Infinity War!

Google made sure most of the things you would imagine are done. A machine that can talk surely can do a lot.

Unlike Tony Stark, we know the working of Duplex. As revealed, it is known as TFX technology.

In this case, it is more likely a neural network. To put it differently, you need to understand Machine Learning.

A machine doesn’t understand alphanumerics. At machine level, a compiler and interpreter converts our words into binary and feeds into the system. Now, the output is converted back into alphanumerics.

In the light of this, the alphanumeric is not printed, rather spoken. The neural networks help in providing the required and best emotion.

So you see, it is just like the working of a human brain.

Can it Do Everything Like Jarvis?

When I heard of Google Duplex, I couldn’t stop imagining Jarvis booking a table for my date.

Evidently, it does!

Google Duplex does some of the most common yet amazing things for you. As I mentioned earlier, making calls, reserving a table, making appointments at the dentist- you have got it all covered.

And who knows what might come with the next update?

Yeah well, unfortunately, Vision has died and so has our Jarvis. But now having read about Google Duplex, shouldn’t we reconsider the above statement?