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Google apk Download and Installation Process

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Nowadays, all smartphones and tablets are powered by the Android OS. You already know that Android OS comes directly from the desk of Google Inc. So, if you notice carefully, apart from Google Chrome, there is also another app that links the Google search engine directly from the OS. 

If it is not present, there is a fair chance of some complications in your smartphone or tablet. In order to eliminate the complications, the Google apk download and installation process is necessary. 

At first, you need to activate the option of allowing third-party resources from the app settings. This procedure is necessary because you have to get the apk from a third-party website. 

The Specifications: Google apk Download

The Google apk belongs to the category of free tools application. The latest version was released on 8th October 2021. The minimum OS version required is Android 6.0. The app is available on the Google Play Store. But, the download and installation from the Google Play Store will not allow you to download the apk file. 

Google apk Download and Installation 

Open any browser from your smartphone or tablet. Navigate to Google and type “Google apk download for Android”. When the list of links appears, pointing out several websites, always try to select the first or the second link. Genuine websites with genuine content, are always ranked at the top, by Google. 

Go through all the on-screen instructions for download. The Google apk download will take place in the internal memory. The Downloads folder will contain the apk file. After the successful download of the apk, navigate to the internal storage with the help of the File Manager app. 

After finding the apk, tap on it to initiate the staging process. In other words, you can also call it the app to OS synchronization. The installation process will automatically take place. On completing the installation, you have to close the File Manager. After that, go to the Home Screen or main menu to get to the shortcut. 

Apk Download and Installation Complete – What comes Next?

Now, you can open the application. You will notice that a variety of news updates are available. The news is divided into several categories, such as technology, defence, business, movies and many more. You can scroll through all these updates. After you tap on the news, it will show you all the details. 

What are the Other Items Available?

Let’s take an example. Are you eager to watch a movie? Google App is here for you. Search for the movie timing and availability of seats. Apart from the news, you will be able to search nearby shops and restaurants. In addition to that, you can also have a look at the cast and crew of the movie that you are going to watch. 

Your Personalization and Discovery

After the Google apk download and installation, it will show you some random topics. They might be news, sports, movies and others. If you cannot find relevant topics, there is a search bar at the top. You can write the name of your desired topic and tap on the magnifying glass icon. 

If there is a slow network connection, the app will automatically resize the images. Based on the bandwidth, you will be able to see the pictures at a medium resolution. Regarding ping losses, the searching and sorting process will come to a halt. When the network gets stable, the process will continue from where it is stopped. 

What are its Pros and Cons?

Of course, the Google apk download and installation has advantages and disadvantages. So, you must check them out in order to know the working procedure of the app. 


The user interface is awesome. It is so flexible that you will not face any problems while understanding the topics. The contents of the app are stuffed with pictures. This type of interface provides you with a pictorial representation. The additional adjustments and feature manoeuvring capability of the app are amazing. 


The contents that you search with the help of the search bar don’t exist in Google’s history. In addition to that, the app also doesn’t synchronize with the official browser of your device. If you have found something and want to view that on your computer, you have to copy the link first. After that, paste it into your default browser and open the item. Once this has been saved, then you can navigate to your computer and get it from Google Chrome. 

Lastly, the Google App might lag sometimes and stop working. In order to get rid of this type of issue, you have to keep your system software up-to-date. Moreover, a cache free device will not let any apps malfunction or stop all of a sudden.