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Go SMS Pro Free Themes apk Download for Amazing User Interface

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There are a lot of apps that serve you with free Short Messaging Service. WhatsApp Messenger is one of the best and well-known. But, it has certain limitations. Keeping the limitations in mind, the Go SMS Pro came out to be one of the most popular messages sending and receiving apps. In order to make it look attractive, the Go SMS Pro free themes apk download will be much more effective. 

Predefined themes are really cool. In addition to that, manual customization of themes will be more creative. The Go SMS Pro app will look exactly as you want it to be. There are no separate apps for installing the themes. The feature is built-in and you have to observe it very carefully. 

The Go SMS Pro, A Short Introduction

With more than 100 million users, it is one of the most popular messaging apps. The introduction of the MMS technology has made the app more creative. If your device has dual-SIM support, then there are options for selecting a SIM card before sending any message. The latest version of the app is 8.00. The last update was made by the host on 26th February 2021. 

The Go SMS Pro free themes apk Download and Installation

The app is available at the Play Store. The installation via Play Store is direct with no apk files. In order to get the apk file, you have to visit several third-party websites. Some of them are apk pure, Softonic, apkmonk, rexdl and many more. Navigate to one of these websites and carefully observe the Download option. 

Tap on it to download the apk file. You might get a pop-up message notification that the download of apk of Go SMS Pro is harmful. But, nothing will happen. Tap on yes and let the apk file download automatically on your smartphone or tablet. After that, in order to access the internal storage, you have to make use of the File Manager app. 

Tap on the apk section to find out the file and install it. At first, you will witness the staging of the app. It means that the OS is checking the system compatibility. Within a few seconds, the installation will start. It might take a few minutes. Once done, you will be able to run the app from the main menu or home screen. 

Let’s have a Detailed Look at the Themes

There are tons of predefined themes available on the Go SMS Pro app. Most of them are free and you can get them easily. There are three main sections of themes. New, Popular, and Top Rated. So, first, let’s have a look at the newly added themes in the app that are freeware. 

Newly Added

The first and most popular one is candies. Every icon will look like candy and is pink in colour. It’s super attractive. The next one is the purple flowers—a fantastic theme with purple coloured flowers in the background. 

The others are Go Green, water droplets, happy new year, afternoon, neon skull, lightning, pink colour modified Eiffel tower, daily land, butterfly, Christmas and many more. The size of the theme matters depending upon the contents and media stuffed inside. 

Most Popular Themes 

In the most popular section, the collective themes are arranged according to the number of downloads by the people. Some of them are pro fashion, blue butterfly, minimal ice, teddy bear, purple flowers, candy, red smoke, multi-coloured zebra, pink love valentine and many more. 

The Top-Rated Themes

The classification of the top-rated theme is set by the stars. What are stars? Nothing complicated but a simple concept. When people download these themes, if they like them, they give stars. And, this is how the rating is done. 

Let’s say, you have given 4 stars out of 5 to a particular theme. Similarly, 100 other people have given 3, 4, 5, 2 stars and so on. So, what you see are the average stars that imply the rating of a theme. Some of the top-rated themes are purple butterfly, the night of the moonlight, fairyland, and many more. 

Other Classified Themes 

At the right-hand side of the screen, you will notice another drop-down menu. The name is Folders. Tap on it, and you will be able to witness a variety of classification of themes. Some of them are abstract, automobile, computer games, holiday, technology, celebrity and many more. Hopefully, you have already understood which themes fall under all of these categories. According to your preference, you can tap on each of them and download your desired theme. 

What about the Paid Themes?

Paid or premium themes are simply great. If you are up for a paid or a premium theme, then before downloading, you have to pay the desired amount. Carefully make the payment through the available gateways. Only after that you will be able to download the theme. 

Is there any Modded Version Available?

The Go SMS Pro free themes apk download has in-app purchases, and there is a fair chance that the modded version may exist. If it is so, then you have to check the ratings and reviews of the modded apk. In addition to that, always observe what others are saying about the modded version. If you feel satisfied with the comments and reviews, then only proceed towards the download and installation procedure.