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Facebook apk Download and Install for Android Devices

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The social networking giant Facebook has connected people together since 2004. There are more than 2 million Facebook users. The application is available on the Google Play Store. However, Facebook apk download is another way of getting the app to your Android devices. All the details of the download and installation process are given below. After that, you need to log in or sign up. No subscription or payment is required. Creating an account on Facebook is free. 

The Facebook apk Download

Androidapksbox, softtribe, Softonic, alltechfeed—- these are some of the safe websites from where you will get the apk file. Navigate to one of these websites and get the apk file. It’s obvious that Facebook has its own official website. So, there is no need to install the apk in an Android emulator

You can find the downloaded apk file in the dedicated storage. With the help of an application, you can access the dedicated/external storage of your Android smartphone and tablet, and it’s the File Manager. After finding the apk file, minimise the File Manager. Navigate to the App settings. Allow access to unknown resources to your device. 

Close the App settings, go to the File Manager and tap on the apk file. And, it will start the installation process. If any prompt window appears asking you for permission, tap on Yes to continue. Within a few seconds, the Facebook apk will be installed on your smartphone or tablet. 

Login or Sign Up to Facebook 

Hopefully, you have installed the app successfully after clicking on Facebook apk download. If you are an existing user of Facebook, then apply the username/phone number/email ID with the password and log in. On the other hand, if you are a new user, tap on Create an Account option. Apply your name, surname, date of birth, active email address and password. Now, you can login to your account.

Configure your Account 

This procedure is not applicable to existing Facebook users. After creating an account, you need to follow some security protocols. Carefully go through all the on-screen instructions. When the home page appears, Facebook’s recommended contents will be displayed. Tap on your profile and select a profile picture. After that, select a cover photo to complete the profile personalisation. You can edit the personal profile by adding your school, college, workplace name. 

Cannot log in or Signup?

For the existing user, it’s usual to enter the username/email address/phone number with the password for login. Despite entering the correct credentials, Facebook is showing incorrect credentials? It can be due to the user ID or the password. Furthermore, a situation can occur when the app is showing the Logo continuously. This indicates that the apk file is somehow corrupted. The solution is simple. Uninstall the Facebook app, delete the previously downloaded apk file. Next, download the apk file from another website and try installing it. 

What about the Facebook Lite apk?

Facebook Lite is another version that is supported by every Android device. It is smaller in size with a limited number of resources and functionalities. If you are interested in the lite version of the Facebook apk download, then the websites that are mentioned above will come in handy. Hopefully, after providing all the correct login credentials, you can log in to Facebook. 

People You May Know

The algorithm is fantastic. Thanks to Facebook for bringing the people that you may know without any search. Have you ever wondered how it happens? When you apply the details like school name, college name, the searching and sorting algorithm of Facebook starts searching for the same people who went to the same school and college. In addition to that, the same thing applies to the workplace. 

After that, when you gradually post your interests and update your status, then the list of people you may know increases. Send them a friend request to know that you are on Facebook.

The Security Features  

Two-factor authentication is one of the most advanced security features of Facebook. The chances of hijacking your profile are less with this security feature. Other than that, create a strong password with mixed characters. Set a recovery email address from the Account settings for further assistance in case you have forgotten your Facebook account password. 

Is it Important to Update the Facebook App?

Fixing the internal glitches and getting new features will involve the update process. You can access the Play Store. Search for the app and tap on the Update button. On the other hand, search the latest version of Facebook or Facebook Lite apk. Download and install it which will override the previous version.