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Download PUBG Mobile Lite 0.18.3 Beta (APK) for Android Device


The hype of Players Unknown BattleGround (PUBG) is limitless. Fortnite is its greatest competitor. The game is exclusively made for mobile. A PC version is also available but you will get an immersive experience in the mobile version. It is free for download. 

The PUBG mobile delivers a fantastic experience for multiplayer gaming. As a result, you can add and play with your friends too. There are more than 100 classic battles that you have to fight in order to survive. You can also choose modes if you want more tragic battles. 

The Essential Details of PUBG Mobile Lite 

PUBG Mobile Lite is released by Tencent Games. The game is designed to entertain people on both Android and iOS platforms. The Lite version, that consumes a lesser amount of flash storage space, is finally here. 

The Lite version is rolling out in some parts of Europe. Soon, it will be available in each and every country. 

Minimum System Requirements 

As it is an online game, obviously an internet connection is inevitable. A much lower ping is better for this game to roll on. At least 2 Gigabytes of Volatile memory (RAM) is mandatory. The OS versions must be higher than Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and iOS 9.0. Moreover, it will also support iPad mini 2 and iPod Touch (6th Generation). 

How to Download the Game?

In order to download the PUBG Mobile Lite beta version, you have to go to the PlayStore or App Store. The size of the file is near about 228 MegaBytes. So, you must have at least 1 GigaBytes of free space in your mobile devices. While you tap on the “Install” button, you will receive a pop-up notification. 

The notification is about allowing the installation of files from unknown resources. Therefore, go to the “Settings” of your mobile device, choose “Safety and Privacy”. After that, toggle and activate the “Install” navigation bar. Now, the game will automatically get installed on your device. It will take time and usually depends upon the speed of your internet connection. After the download completes, close App Store or PlayStore and open the game. Sign up and start battling.

What if you face any Error while Downloading and Installing?

In case your download is incomplete, try downloading the game once again. If you face the same error, then clear all the cache files from your device. After that, try the download process once again. In case, memory storage is low, clear it up so that the game can take its desired space to get installed. 

PUBG Server Problems

Sometimes the game freezes and it becomes impossible to play. Not to worry, the problem is related to the server. Technical experts are working all day to optimize the server for a better gaming experience without any problems. If this situation occurs, close the game and restart it once again. 

The Basic Lesson on Gameplay and its Controls 

The game is actually a bit like the movie “Hunger Games”. You have to collect weapons and fight with the others until you emerge as the winner. There are basically three modes, solo, duo, and squad. The squad is actually called the team multiplayer. As the game is designed for the mobile version, that is why it has the controls on the screen. 

You can customize the layouts that suit you. The smoothness of the game will depend upon the technical specifications of your device. With the bigger displays, it will be easier to shoot enemies and drive vehicles as well. The game has three graphical settings. You can also make the necessary changes based on your preferences.