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Discord apk Download and Install – Chat and Play with Friends

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Discord Inc has come up with an app that will help you in playing games. Simultaneously, you can chat with your friends via text and voice call. Previously, there were bugs. But, gradually, the developing organization has released updates. After installing those updates, people are now facing much fewer issues with the app. 

It seems that you are very much interested in games as well as an ongoing conversation. And, that is why the Discord apk download and installation are mandatory. It’s better not to get it from the Play Store because the apk file is not available. So, visit the official website of Discord for the apk file. 

The Discord apk Specifications 

The size of the apk file is not more than 100 MB. It falls under the category of messenger apps. Discord. Inc has released the last update to the app on 1st September 2021. Within a short period, the app has gained much popularity. Discord has surpassed more than 100 million downloads worldwide. The minimum OS requirement is Lollipop (Android 5.0) and above. 

Discord apk Download and Install on your Android Devices

The Discord apk file is available on the official website. So, you don’t have to visit the other websites. Tap on the Download button to initiate the download process. The apk file will be downloaded to the internal storage of your smartphone or tablet. So, how can you access the internal storage? It’s easy. Navigate to the File Manager app. Find out the apk file of Discord from the apk section. 

Tap on it which will lead to the staging of the app. The staging process is actually the sync between the OS and the apk. After that, the installation process begins. Within a few minutes, the installation will be complete. Close the File Manager app and access the home screen and main menu for the shortcut. 

What about the Discord apk Download for PC?

There is no need for the apk file and an Android emulator for PC. Discord has its PC version. No matter what OS you use, Discord has all the compatible setup files. As usual, you have to access the official website of Discord. On the PC tab, you will find the setup file for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Chromebook. Get the setup that is compatible with your OS and install it. 

Salient Features of Discord

After the Discord apk download and installation, if you compare the apk and PC versions, the salient features are more or less the same. The theme-based channel facilities are there. Using these channels, you can create a group. After that, you can play, chat, video and voice call.

Like Google Duo, you can wave a “Hi” message with a video to any of your friends. You can manually customize any emojis and send them to your friends personally as well as in several groups. Before performing any activities on Discord, make sure that the internet connection you use is not having any type of congestion or ping losses. 

The Modded Version of Discord apk Download

The modded version of Discord has gained popularity amongst all the users for obvious reasons. There are in-app purchases. And, for more activities on Discord, you have to pay a certain amount of money for Discord money/coins. If you want to avoid paying a single penny, then get the modded version of Discord. 

The exclusive file handling process of the modded file has eliminated all the restrictions. With the help of unlimited money/coins, you can do whatever you want. Moreover, the modded version will also provide you with the privilege of using the professional version of Discord. If you use the professional version, you will get access to all the premium features.

Is the Modded Version Safe to Install?

The matter is still confusing. So, you have to know some tricks to make sure that the modded Discord apk download is safe or not. The first aspect is a safe website; always try to download the modded Discord apk file from any first three or four links from Google. 

Second, when you visit the website, always check the number of stars the app got from the users. In addition to that, also check the comments or reviews. If you see that the file got less than 3 stars and mostly negative reviews, never go for that modded apk. The installation process of the normal and modded Discord apk is the same. 

While creating an account, you might face a few errors in the case of the modded apk. So, you have to try two or three times to get the job done.