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COD Mobile apk Download for High-End Gaming Environment

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Call of Duty, it’s a high-end game for PC as well as Android devices. Season 8 is the latest release by Activision, with tons of new features. The download from the Play Store is a bit time-consuming. Like any other game and app apk file, the download process is not that simple. Thus, the COD mobile apk download and installation come in handy. 

But, before starting the installation process, make sure that you have been granted access to unknown resources. Navigate to the app settings, and you will get the required option. In addition to that, you don’t have to turn off the Play Protect option. Call of Duty is already verified by the Google Play Protect feature. 

Call of Duty Mobile — The Status

Activision officially launched the game on 18th March 2019. But, on 1st October 2019, COD Mobile was released worldwide. And, for some time, the game was not available in Vietnam, China, and Belgium. By the following year, the gamers of the following three countries got the taste of COD mobile. 

More than 35 million people downloaded the game from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. By the mid-way of 2021, the game had surpassed 500 million downloads. $1 billion revenue was generated from the total downloads. 

The OBB File — An Introduction 

Let’s make the concept very clear. The Opaque Binary Blob file was first developed and introduced by Google. It is an expansion that is used to support some applications. The data in the OBB file is not stored in apk. If all the graphic images, sounds, and other media files are stored in the apk, then the size will be much larger. 

Thus, following the divide and rule strategy, the game developers came out to utilize the concept of OBB. All the additional media files are stored in the OBB file. This makes the apk file much smaller in size and easy to install. 

How does an OBB File Look Like?

An OBB file doesn’t look fancy. It is a normal file with .OBB extension. Moreover, when you download it, it is in a zipped file. After downloading, you have to unzip it and extract the file. Both OBB and apk files are interrelated with each other. Only COD mobile apk download alone will not let you play the game. 

The COD mobile apk Download with the OBB

Ginx. tv, dotesports, techggyan, insidesport, mashable, sportskeeda — are some of the websites where you will find the COD apk file as well as the OBB. Download both of them from the same website. The elapsed time to download the OBB file will be a bit more due to the size. The average size of an OBB file is between 500 MB to 1 GB or 1.5 GB, not more than that. 

Install the apk file and don’t open it. Create a new folder and name it as “com.activision.callofduty.shooter. Copy the OBB file to the newly made folder. This entire process will take place in the internal storage of your smartphone or tablet. If you see that the OBB file is of a different name, then rename it with “”. Close the File Manager app and run the game. 

Are you Using the Previous Version? How to Upgrade?

The previous versions are season 5 and season 6. Further, the installation of the apk file will not work due to the incompatibility of the OBB file. So, you need to remove the previous version, including its OBB file. Clear the cache of your smartphone or tablet and restart the device. After that, follow the steps as mentioned earlier to install the new version with COD mobile apk download and copy the OBB. 

What if the OBB File Doesn’t work?

The task of detecting a corrupted OBB is not easy. After installing the COD mobile apk download, if you run the game, the app will download the OBB file. The presence of the OBB file in the internal storage will skip the download process. 

Despite the presence of the OBB file in the desired folder, if the game starts downloading the OBB file, it means that the latter is corrupted. In such scenarios, you have to uninstall the apk file also. Get a new apk and OBB file from one of the websites as mentioned earlier. Try installing the apk file once again. 

COD mobile apk Download for PC

Bluestacks is one of the best Android emulators for PC. This Android emulator will help you to run the COD mobile apk file. COD has its PC versions. So, as per the user’s analysis, the PC version provides a better gaming environment than that of mobile. On the other hand, if you are playing COD mobile with your friends, then playing via PC is absolutely a good choice. 

Modded COD mobile apk Download, Safe or not?

Few websites provide the modded apk file of COD mobile. Moreover, the OBB file is unlocked with unlimited coins and a fully accessible weapons arsenal. So, you know how to install it on your smartphone or tablet. The modded version is not applicable for playing the game in an Android Emulator. Technically, it is safe to download and install the modded version of COD mobile.