Best Site to Download APK Files

Top 6 Sites To Download Apk Files


Android Package (APK) is the format used by android to distribute and install their applications on our phones. The introduction of mobile phones in the 90s was a great step in the telecommunication sector. Slowly as time went by be started to expect more than just calling and texting from our mobile phones.

Two major things happened in 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone, and Google acquired Android. In the early days of Android, there was no play store. At that time people used third party methods to acquire the Android apk files.

After Play Store was introduced, many apps have called it their home. But there are few exceptions, like the devices in China does not allow the free operation of the Play Store. For example- the OnePlus One was released in China with no sign of Play Store. In such cases, people need free apk download site to install the apps which are unavailable to them.

Best Site to Download Apk Files

Thankfully there are best sites to download paid Android apps for free on the internet. The need for a good apk download site was soon felt. It may have been because of the PlayStore’s terms and conditions or the inability to use it on your phones. Here are the sites for downloading the best apk files for android.


The first alternative to the Google Play Store comes in the form of Aptoide. It acts not only as a website but as a separate app too. Like play store, it also allows auto-update for the apps downloaded through their site.

With the availability of famous apps and games, Aptoid is probably the best of all the third-party apk sites out there. Aptoide has a unique feature of enabling or disabling of adult apps, which helps to keep it family-friendly.

This app can also support many languages and has a smart suggestion feature, which gives suggestions based on your download history. Aptoide can also find apps that are not available in the Google Play Store yet.

Amazon Appstore

AmazonAppstore previously came with only AmazonFire devices, but now it has been merged with Amazon app. Now you can use Amazon Appstore for Android. It provides one of the most trustworthy and safe apps. Unlike the terms and conditions of the Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore enables you to use thousands of apps.

It helps to sort out new apps based on the category of release date, supported device model. Amazon Appstore offers a lot of freebies, premium apps at a low price and much more. It has a feature called “Appstore Family”, which gives quality-control apps for children.


It is one of the oldest apk file downloading sites. You can use the web-portal of F-Droid or install its app to download the APF files. What makes it one of the best APK files downloader is that it is open-source.

It also helps to auto-update the apps which were installed through it. Its use is recommended to the developers rather than end-users, because F-Droid allows developers to independently publish their app with almost no quality control. Regardless of these apps, it also provides thousands of verified APK files.


4PKPure is a new name in the third party APK file download market. It has become one of the top APK file download sites purely based on content quality. The web version of the app provides a wide variety of apps and games and has an excellent user interface.

4PKPure also offers a Cloud Phone Emulator service. When you are looking for an app to install, it will also show you the older version of the apps in case the latest version of the app is not supported by your device. Its active community and large user base make it one of the safer choices when it comes to APK downloading.


Uptodown has one of the best eye-pleasing interfaces. There is an Android Client for Uptodown just like in APKMirror. In Uptodown you can get multi-platform support for Android games, which means they will run on both your phone and PC.

Uptodown is the best site to download paid android apps for free. Though it is not good to pirate apps, it is good to try out an app before purchasing it. Uptodown is not as secure as other third-party APK download site like AmazonAppstore and F-Droid.


APKMirror is not a standalone app but rather a website to download APK. Even if it’s not an installable app, it allows you to install all the latest apps.

One of the abilities of APKMirror is the ability to find not just the beta version of the app, but also the older version of the app. It has a simple user-interface and offers a list of updated and the most popular apps.

Installing APK Files From Aptoid

All the above mentioned third-party APK download sites are the best in this category. But to show you the process of installing an APK I have chosen Aptoide.

Given below is the process to bypass the PlayStore and get the best Android apps-

  • Open Chrome on your Android device and open the official Aptoide Website.
  • Then press “Install Aptoide” button.
  • There will be an option to download Aptoide APK file, press “Ok”.
  • In the download, menu selects the aptoide-latest.apk file.
  • Click the install button. 
  • Open the Aptoide app icon from the app drawer and Sign Up as a new user.
  • In the Aptoide app use the search bar to search for new apps.
  • Tap on Install icon of the app.
  • Give Aptoide app permission to access the phone’s storage and press the Ok button. 
  • You will get an option to install the app. Press Done when the app installation will be completed. 

Similarly, you can update the app by clicking on the Update option at the bottom of the screen.

Some of the mentioned apps are the best sites to download paid Android apps for free. You can use any of the above app and you will not be disappointed. So download the apps and enjoy your Android device.