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Apk Games Download and Installation – Android and PC

Android apk

There are tons of games and applications available at the Google Playstore. This dedicated platform assists in direct installation. So, you are not going to get the apk file to share amongst your friends. But, with the help of other third-party applications, you can extract the apk, afterwards. 

For apk games download, you need to access some of the best websites. After that, download the apk zipped file. The extraction from the zipped file is necessary for the installation. If your PC doesn’t support apk files, then you can use tools. 

The Value of Google Play Games

It’s the trump card app for all Android smartphones and tablets. Developed and designed by Google, the Play Games app helps in running all the high-end games like Asphalt, Need for Speed, PUBG, and more. You have to allow the pop-up notification to appear. The active Gmail ID will come in handy in this matter. 

Download, Installation and Extraction from Playstore

Navigate to the Google Playstore. Type the name of the game in the search bar. When the download process starts, the elapsed time depends on the bandwidth of your internet connection. So, in this procedure, you don’t get the apk file directly from the Playstore. Virtually, the installation process takes place from the Google Playstore main server. 

Later, if you are interested in extracting the apk file, then you may have to take the help of any other third-party application. It will extract the apk file from the installed system directory. Overall, you can call this process a little bit twisted apk games download for your android mobile phones and tablets. 

The PC, Windows or Macintosh doesn’t directly support apk files. So, have you heard of Android emulators? 

Several types of Android emulators in your PC provide an Android Integrated environment. Apk games download can be possible in those emulators. So, follow the same procedure as you did on your mobile devices. If the processes are slow, don’t hurry. An Android emulator uses volatile memory and system resources. BlueStacks is one of the best. The other emulators are Android Studio, ARChon, Gameloop, Genymotion and many more.

Direct apk Games Download

The direct download is possible only by accessing any website from your mobile phone, tablet and PC. Furthermore, you don’t need any type of emulator. Navigate to a safe website (HTTPS) and hopefully, you will get your desired apk. 

And, for mobile devices, the apk will go straight into the device’s memory. With the help of the File Manager, you have to find out the file, tap on it and start the installation. In case of downloading through PC, download the apk. After that, you can either transfer the file to your mobile device or make use of the emulator to install it.

Apk Games Download via Torrents

Nearly all android games are available on Torrent websites. So, you can download a large number of apk game files. The first thing you have to do is to download the torrent client. It’s easily available on the official website of UTorrent. After installation, open any torrent website and navigate to the application or software section. You might get your desired game apk file. 

Now a question might arise – How to download the apk games? You have to click on the file to open a window. After that, click on the magnet and wait for the metadata to download. The torrent application will open, and you can see the info of the files. Click on OK to start downloading. 

Be Careful about the Mod apk Games Download

The modded version of the games and other applications are not safe. Let’s take the example of Angry Birds Transformers. An awesome game indeed. The modded version has all the transformers unlocked with unlimited gems and coins. This apk file might not be compatible with your device. If you want to install it forcefully, then the OS might get corrupted. So, always avoid such kinds of apps. 

What if the apk Installation Fails?

If any apk installation in your mobile device fails, you have to try again. But, not with the same apk, of course. Delete the previous file because it might be corrupted. Download a new one and try installing it again. Hopefully, it will work.