Mobogenie APK

Make Good Use of Mobogenie APK – The Advancement


Mobogenie APK is basically an application which gives you the control to all apps and games that are available in the play store. This application can be said as a gateway to other apps and games you want with enhanced speed and accuracy. It can be used in both the Android Version and Windows Operating System.

Mobogenie Apk just acts like a play store or apple store which after installing can give you the privilege to download millions of apps, pictures, videos or games of your choice. It has a wide range of 1,200,000 apps and games and more are being added daily. It is an app which can be used both in your desktop and phone.

The latest version is Mobogenie APK which was last updated on 3rd May 2019. It is developed by one of the XDA- Developers.

The best thing is you can use all the features and programs of the app for free. And here you will get 100 % patched apps.

Is Mobogenie APK safe and secure?

Mobogenie APK is accessible on various APK archives. Mobogenie was thoroughly Checked to make sure of unwanted malicious programs and it is totally secure to use. There is no complaint from any of the users to date. Just don’t download it from any unknown and doubtful source. It is often used by hackers to plant malicious file, so you better download it from a trusted source.

User Interface:

Mobogenie APK is one of the most needed apps if you want to have control of your Android Device via your desktop. This app is made very for its users for smooth navigation. There are many options on the home screen, few of which are ‘Mobile Phone Management’ ,‘Manage SD card’ ,’Restore Settings’, ‘backup options’, ‘Install APK’ and many more of your use.

There are other options like Messages, Apps, Music, Pictures e.t.c to choose from. The user interface is what makes this app special and efficient.

Functions and Features:

Applications Selectivity are separated into the various field.

  • Games: This category is sub-divided into Arcade, Strategy, Action, FPS and other sub-categories. You will have your domain to select from.
  • On Fire Applications: This will lead you to the most popular and trendy apps.
  • Editor’s Pick: This means there are few apps which are best rated and categorized by professional knowledge and experience. 
  • Search Engine: Its default search engine options grant you to find applications by filtering in layers.
  • Download   You can manage all your downloads from here.
  • User Area: It requires you to sign up first, and once you are signed in you will be able to administer different things like images, music or videos, you can also control the download of apps, and you can also uninstall or block what you don’t need. 
  • Music: This feature allows us to download latest mp3 and Videos based on your preferences. It gives you ample choices to make, you can select from vibrant and classic themes.
  • Rooting: This is one of the coolest features when it comes to making full use of your device. This can literally speed up your phone, enhance your battery life and take control of many other programs according to your choice.
  • One-Click BackUp: You may fear about losing your data. You can secure or back up your important data with the help of a single click.

 Functions and Features in Windows:

  • Install and Uninstall applications
  • Take Backups of your important data
  • You can access data on SD Card
  • You can edit and Manage contacts
  • See and Send messages
  • Manage all applications 

How to download and Install Mobogenie APK?

It is an important thing, so please go through the steps properly.

  1. First Download the app 
  2. Go to Setting on your Android device
  3. Then go to Security and tap it
  4. Enable the Unknown source
  5. If you see any action button, click on Yes
  6. Go to the download folder via File Manager and click on Mobogenie APK file.
  7. After it is been installed, Go to the home screen and click on Mobogenie icon.
  8. Go to Settings in the App 
  9. Personalize it according to your specifications.

Click on the icon to Download Mobogenie APK

You will be provided with other recommendations for apps, games, music. So it’s up to you and your choice.

Coming to a Conclusion:

It is the best platform for both desktop and mobile when you want to download various apps and games of your choice. We have discussed how to make good use of Mobogenie APK and take good advantage of it.