A Critical Security Vulnerability Fixed by Mozilla Firefox for Android


We know that Mozilla Firefox has the PC compatible browser, it also has the mobile version for Android and iOS platforms. Recently, Mozilla is at work to fix some problems that occurred in its Android version. In addition to that, the work of Beta and Nightly channels are also in progress. 

If you are using the outdated version of Firefox for Android still now, it’s high time that you update it. According to certain reports, people who are using the previous version are facing many difficulties in terms of their browser security. 

Why is Mozilla Fixing the Mobile Browser Security?

Reports say that there are certain vulnerabilities in this mobile browser. There is no clear information about the exact danger faced by the users. Rumours say that there are a few malicious materials on certain websites that target a few specific people. 

They actually infect their mobile devices with the help of Malware, Adware, or Trojans. That is why Mozilla is in the process of securing its browser for Android. In doing so, the attackers cannot affect the browser with malicious content. 

What about the other two live versions?

The Mozilla Firefox for Android comes in two versions. They are considered as they always use live URLs when you want to access any website, the Beta and Nightly. The Beta is actually the Lite version that uses less space in your mobile device. It provides you with the ultimate security while browsing the internet. 

Whereas, the Nightly version is specially designed to show the world about Mozilla’s experimental builds. This version allows you to experience the latest work of Firefox innovations when you are in an unstable environment.  It also helps you to provide the user’s point of view on its features and performance. 

If you are using one of these two versions, then sit back and relax, you don’t have to worry about anything at all. These two versions of Mozilla are completely safe and sound. The glitches are only in the regulated version. 

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What is the role of the Content Provider?

In the Mozilla Firefox browser for mobile, the content provider allows the local file to be accessible by the web browser. It is actually read by the remote webpage disclosing all of your important information. Attackers always try to take advantage of these items. 

Mozilla is also working on this matter in order to secure it. Hopefully, they will be able to protect the role of the content provider and give the ultimate security to its users. In addition to that, they will also fix the browser in such a way that it will not expose any of the sensitive data from your mobile device. 

The Latest Version 

Mozilla Firefox 68.10.1 is the newest version of the mobile browser that is on the trending list of Google PlayStore. It will now fix all the previous security vulnerabilities. In addition to that, it will also have all the necessary remote web pages that will secretly read the local files only. The protection of cookies is also involved here.