July 21, 2018

Say Hello To WiFi Technology Security Updates

Have you ever thought a world without Wifi Technology Gets Security Updates? It is hard these days to stay without an internet connection. With the invention of wifi, we are able to connect with the world whenever we want and wherever we are. all we need is a routing device to get the access of the wifi.

Wifi Technology Gets Security Updates.

What is wifi?

Using wifi but don’t know what wifi is? Don’t be ashamed, many of us don’t know. Here I give you a quick description of wifi. Wifi is a  type of wireless networking LAN protocol that uses radio waves to provide a connection. It is the means of sharing the data wirelessly over the internet.

Recently, wifi has spread widely and keeps you connected anywhere you go, at offices, schools, restaurants, airports etc. there are many wifi cities where you can access the wifi anywhere you go.

Advantages of wifi technology

There are various advantages of using wifi network.it has helped our lives in many ways. Listing down the most common advantages that you find while working with wifi.

  • Expandable: Wifi can provide connection to a  mass number of people
  • Productive: Users can now get connected to the internet even if they leave their home. For office-goers this has become an advantage, they can finish their work at their convenient place other than the office.
  • Cost efficient: though it is a bit costly, who doesn’t want unlimited connection all the time.
  • Mobility: You can access wifi not only at home or in offices. Now you can access in libraries, cafes, restaurants etc, to make customers happy. a little access to the internet can make no harm.
  • Convenient: You can access the network at your convenient location.

Security Issues: Wifi Technology

Besides all the goodies, wifi has its dark side as well. As wifi can provide a wide range connection, anyone can access your router and c can make changes to your the settings. The security is the main problem while using wifi. Due to security issues, anyone was able to access your routing system. Hackers can track down the important details and information through the network. They can access your user ids and passwords and also the bank account details. A cyber attack can be performed by using your network.

Wifi Technology Gets Security Updates.

But no worries, there is a solution. The new wifi is safe and secured to use as they come with more upgraded securities. Also, the old wifis can able to download the security to their routing system. The updated version of security can be installed in your wifi network technology.


Earlier, wifi devices had the same security protocol for more than a decade. But now, things have changed a lot. These days, more advanced security wifis are launched which gives better protection to your devices the wifi alliance has launched a brand new device called WPA3. Devices with this ultra security will give you benefits. let’s see what benefits we will get by using WPA3.

-Password Security

Earlier passwords were short and sweet and were easy to hack. Now for more and better security in order to protect from brute force attack, different rules are now been applied on passwords. the password must contain a special character, a number and both lower and upper case to prevent it from hacking.

-Safer Connections

Due to password security, it is difficult to track down the passwords. thus, connections are safer than before.  Scan codes are introduced in your router for security purposes. Now you can scan a QR code from your phones.

-IOT security

Previously, hackers were able to track your devices and can malfunction your device. They simply can play music or access your social media accounts. but with the introduction of WPA3, this has stopped. the IOT is protected.

-Encryption is stronger than before

With WPA2, it was easy to decrypt the traffic and the information which you provided on the internet. with the strong encryption, it has become more difficult to decrypt the messages and the traffic. WPA3 provides 192-key encryption for better connections and security.

With these awesome features, the wifi network has become more secure than before for our betterment. Install the new WPA3 and try the new features to avoid hackers and malicious problems in your system.