July 21, 2018

Chromebook Repair Costs Heavy for Students

American Schools prefer Chromebooks to traditional pen and paper. However, students often fail to handle the complex technology. The school districts are imposing heavy fines on Chromebooks. It is estimated that students of Fond du Lac School District have paid fines of $33,000 so far.

Students come with common repair issues like system boards repair, keyboards repair, charging ports repair, hard drive data recovery, etc. For the first offense they will have to pay $25, the fines increase with every offense. For the sixth offense, they will have to pay $200. The district is very strict, if they see any negligence from the students’ end, then they impose a fine of $265. On average students pay for $50 and once they clear the fees they can take their Chromebooks to their home.

Several School and Their Policy on Chromebook Usage

In the year 2012 Fondu Lac school district spent about $1 million dollars to purchase Chromebooks for the students. According to the district’s business manager, the ‘fine’ structure works pretty well. Most of the students have shown the responsibility.

Ripon High School in this year has distributed 300 Chromebooks to the students. Here students in this school will not have to pay any fees. However, students can pay $40 for insurance. However, if they have the liberty to not pay the insurance fees. In that case, they’ll have to take the full responsibility for their Chromebook. Many Students faces data recovery problems like images, documents, videos and many more. If you’re looking to recover any files on Windows Operating System, then you may overlook any data recovery services to recover your data.

Chromebook repairs

And there are many more…

Rosendale-Brandon School has another policy for Chromebooks. Students can have their Chromebooks by paying an annual charge of $50. In the meanwhile, if any discrepancies found in the laptops then they will have to pay the charges.

Horace Mann High School is another school in the list charging $19 to $125 for repairing the laptop. For the past two years, they have accumulated around $8,695 for the repairs.

Waupun Area School assigns near about 1000 Chromebook for the usage of K-12 students. Students are not allowed to carry their laptops and can use it only at school. Thus there is less chance of errors. In case of Mayville, students are charged $50. Mayville School has collected about $2,200 in fines.

That’s pretty much about Chromebook repair costs. I have discussed various schools and policies they take on Chromebook usage. I will come up with some more news on Chromebooks usage policies in my next post.